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Into the low
     ground to the city of Ammas he went down.  The river
     Arzane he crossed.
144 ’Seduri of the country of the Armenians heard, and to
     the strength of his numerous host
145 he trusted; and to make conflict (and) battle against me
     he came.  With him I fought.
146 A destruction of him I made.  With the flower of his
     youth [3] his broad fields I filled.  In my 28th year
147 when in the city of Calah I was stopping news had been
     brought (me, that) men of the Patinians
148 Lubarni their Lord had slain (and) ’Surri (who was) not
     heir to the throne to the kingdom had raised.
149 Dayan-Assur the Tartan, the Commander of the wide-spreading
     army at the head of my host (and) my camp[4]
150 I urged, I sent.  The Euphrates in its flood he crossed. 
     In the city of Cinalua his royal city
151 a slaughter he made. (As for) ’Surri the usurper, exceeding
     fear of Assur my Lord
152 overwhelmed him, and the death of his destiny he went.[5]
     The men of the country of the Patinians from before the
     sight of my mighty weapons

[Footnote 1:  The Ellasar of Genesis, now Kalah Shergat.]

[Footnote 2:  “Turtanu” ("chief prince”) in Assyrian.]

[Footnote 3:  Or, “the chiefs of his young warriors.”]

[Footnote 4:  The word properly means “baggage.” and sometimes signifies “standard,” which may be the translation here.]

[Footnote 5:  That is, he died as was fated.]

FACE D, base

153 fled, and the children of ’Surri together with the soldiers,
     the rebels, (whom) they had taken they delivered to me.
154 Those soldiers on stakes I fixed.  ’Sa’situr of the country
     of Uzza my feet took.  To the kingdom
155 over them I placed (him).  Silver, gold, lead, bronze,
     iron, (and) the horns of wild bulls to a countless number
     I received.
156 An image of my Majesty of great size I made.  In the
     city of Cinalua his royal city in the temple of his gods I
     set it up.  In
157 my 29th year (my) army (and) camp I urged, I sent. 
     To the country of Cirkhi[1] I ascended.  Their cities I
     threw down,
158 dug up, (and) burned with fire.  Their country like a
     thunderstorm I swept.  Exceeding
159 fear over them I cast.  In my 30th year when in the city
     of Calah I was stopping, Dayan-Assur
160 the Tartan, the Commander of the wide-spreading army
     at the head of my army I urged, I sent.  The river Zab
161 he crossed.  To the midst of the cities of the city of
     Khupusca he approached.  The tribute of Datana
162 of the city of the Khupuscians I received.  From the midst
     of the cities of the Khupuscians
163 I departed.[2] To the midst of the cities of Maggubbi of
     the country of the Madakhirians he approached.  The

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