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48 The mountains I attacked, I captured.  Akhuni with his
     gods, his chariots,
49 his horses, his sons (and) his daughters I carried away.  To
     my city Assur
50 I brought (them).  In that same year the country of Kullar
     I crossed.  To the country of Zamua
51 of Bit-Ani I went down.  The cities of Nigdiara of the
     city of the Idians
52 (and) Nigdima I captured.  In my fifth year to the country
     of Kasyari I ascended.
53 The strongholds I captured.  Elkhitti of the Serurians (in)
     his city I shut up.  His tribute
54 to a large amount I received.  In my sixth year to the cities
     on the banks of the river Balikhi

[Footnote 1:  Pethor in the Old Testament.]


55 I approached.  Gi’ammu, their Governor, I smote. 56 To the city of Tel-abil-akhi I descended. 57 The Euphrates in its upper part I crossed. 58 The tribute of the Kings of the Hittites 59 all of them I received.  In those days Rimmon-idri[1] 60 of Damascus, Irkhulina of Hamath, and the Kings 61 of the Hittites and of the sea-coasts to the forces of each
62 trusted, and to make war and battle 63 against me came.  By the command of Assur, the great
     Lord, my Lord,
64 with them I fought.  A destruction of them I made. 65 Their chariots, their war-carriages, their war-material[2] I
     took from them.
66 20,500 of their fighting men with arrows I slew. 67 In my seventh year to the cities of Khabini of the city of
     Tel-Abni I went.
68 The city of Tel-Abni, his stronghold, together with the
     cities which (were) dependent on it I captured.
69 To the head of the river, the springs of the Tigris, the
     place where the waters rise,[3] I went.
70 The weapons of Assur in the midst (of it) I rested.  Sacrifices
     for my gods I took.  Feasts and rejoicing
71 I made.  An image of my Royalty of large size I constructed. 
     The laws of Assur my Lord, the records
72 of my victories, whatsoever in the world I had done, in the
     midst of it I wrote.  In the middle (of the country) I set
     (it) up.

[Footnote 1:  This is the Ben-hadad of Scripture whose personal name seems to have been Rimmon-idri.]

[Footnote 2:  Or, “furniture of battle.”]

[Footnote 3:  Or, “the place of the exit of the waters situated.”  The tablet is still to be seen near the town of Egil.]

FACE A, base

73 In my eighth year, Merodach-suma-iddin King of Gan-Dunias[1] 74 did Merodach-bila-yu’sate his foster-brother against him
75 strongly had he fortified (the land).  To exact punishment[2] 76 against Merodach-suma-iddin I went.  The city of the
     waters of the Dhurnat[3] I took.
77 In my ninth campaign a second time to the land

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