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the strong King,
16 King of all the four zones of the Sun (and) of multitudes
     of men, the marcher over
17 the whole world; Son of Assur-natsir-pal, the supreme
     hero, who his heroism over the gods
18 has made good and has caused all the world[2] to kiss
     his feet;

[Footnote 1:  Or, “fertility.”]

[Footnote 2:  Or, “the countries the whole of them.”]


19 the noble offspring of Tiglath-Adar 20 who has laid his yoke upon all lands hostile to him, and 21 has swept (them) like a whirlwind. 22 At the beginning of my reign; when on the throne 23 of royalty mightily I had seated myself, the chariots 24 of my host I collected.  Into the lowlands[1] of the country
     of ’Sime’si
25 I descended.  The city of Aridu, the strong city 26 of Ninni, I took.  In my first year 27 the Euphrates in its flood I crossed.  To the sea of the
     setting sun[2]
28 I went.  My weapons on the sea I rested.  Victims 29 for my gods I took.[3] To mount Amanus [4] I went up. 30 Logs of cedar-wood and pine-wood I cut.  To 31 the country of Lallar I ascended.  An image of my Royalty
     in the midst (of it) I erected.
32 In my second year to the city of Tel-Barsip I approached. 
     The cities
33 of Akhuni the son of Adin I captured.  In his city I shut
     him up.  The Euphrates
34 in its flood I crossed.  The city of Dahigu, a choice city
     of the Hittites
35 together with the cities which (were) dependent upon it I
     captured.  In my third year Akhuni
36 the son of Adin, from the face of my mighty weapons fled,
     and the city of Tel-Barsip,

[Footnote 1:  Or, “the descendings.”]

[Footnote 2:  That is, the Mediterranean.]

[Footnote 3:  Namely, in sacrifice.]

[Footnote 4:  “Khamanu” in Assyrian.]


37 his royal city, he fortified.  The Euphrates I crossed. 38 The city unto Assyria I restored.  I took it. (The town)
     which (is) on the further side
39 of the Euphrates which (is) upon the river ’Sagurri, which
     the Kings
40 of the Hittites call the city of Pitru,[1] 41 for myself I took.  At my return 42 into the lowlands of the country of Alzi I descended.  The
     country of Alzi I conquered.
43 The countries of Dayaeni (and) Elam, (and) the city of
     Arzascunu, the royal city
44 of Arame of the country of the Armenians, the country
     of Gozan (and) the country of Khupuscia.
45 During the eponymy of Dayan-Assur from the city of
     Nineveh I departed.  The Euphrates
46 in its upper part I crossed.  After Akhuni the son of Adin
     I went.
47 The heights on the banks of the Euphrates as his stronghold
     he made.

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