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In the beginning of my reign, Anu and Vul, the great gods, my Lords, guardians of my steps, they invited me to repair this their shrine.  So I made bricks; I levelled the earth, I took its dimensions; I laid down its foundations upon a mass of strong rock.  This place throughout its whole extent I paved with bricks in set order, 50 feet deep I prepared the ground, and upon this substructure I laid the lower foundations of the temple of Anu and Vul.  From its foundations to its roofs I built it up, better than it was before.  I also built two lofty cupolas in honor of their noble godships, and the holy place, a spacious hall, I consecrated for the convenience of their worshippers, and to accommodate their votaries, who were numerous as the stars of heaven, and in quantity poured forth like flights of arrows.[1] I repaired, and built, and completed my work.  Outside the temple I fashioned (everything with the same care) as inside.  The mound of earth (on which it was built) I enlarged like the firmament of the rising stars, and I beautified the entire building.  Its cupolas I raised up to heaven, and its roofs I built entirely of brick.  An inviolable shrine for their noble godships I laid down near at hand.  Anu and Vul, the great gods, I glorified inside,[2] I set them up on their honored purity, and the hearts of their noble godships I delighted.

[Footnote 1:  Very doubtful.]

[Footnote 2:  The shrine.]


Bit-Khamri, the temple of my Lord Vul, which Shansi-Vul, High-priest of Ashur, son of Ismi-Dagan, High-priest of Ashur, had founded, became ruined.  I levelled its site, and from its foundation to its roofs I built it up of brick, I enlarged it beyond its former state, and I adorned it.  Inside of it I sacrificed precious victims to my Lord Vul.


At this time I found various sorts of stone[1] in the countries of Nairi which I had taken by the help of Ashur, my Lord, and I placed them in the temple of Bit-Khamri, belonging to my Lord, Vul, to remain there forever.

[Footnote 1:  The particular sorts cannot be identified.]


Since a holy place, a noble hall, I have thus consecrated for the use of the great gods, my Lords Anu and Vul, and have laid down an adytum for their special worship, and have finished it successfully, and have delighted the hearts of their noble godships, may Anu and Vul preserve me in power.  May they support the men of my Government.  May they establish the authority of my officers.  May they bring the rain, the joy of the year, on the cultivated land and the desert during my time.  In war and in battle may they preserve me victorious.  Many foreign countries, turbulent nations, and hostile Kings I have reduced under my yoke; to my children and descendants may they keep them in firm allegiance.  I will lead my steps, firm as the mountains, to the last days before Ashur and their noble godships.

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