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At this time the whole country of Comani which was in alliance with the country of Muzri, all their people assembled and arose to do battle and make war.  By means of my valiant servants I fought with 20,000 of their numerous troops in the country of Tala, and I defeated them; their mighty mass broke in pieces; as far as the country of Kharutsa, belonging to Muzri, I smote them and pursued; the ranks of their troops on the heights of the mountains I cut down like grass; their carcasses covered the valleys and the tops of the mountains; their great castles I took, I burnt with fire, I destroyed, and overthrew into heaps and mounds.


The city of Khunutsa, their stronghold, I overthrew like a heap of stubble.  With their mighty troops in the city and on the hills I fought fiercely.  I defeated them; their fighting men in the middle of the forests I scattered like chaff.  I cut off their heads as if they were carrion; their carcasses filled the valleys and (covered) the heights of the mountains.  I captured this city; their gods, their wealth, and their valuables I carried off, and burnt with fire.  Three of their great castles, which were built of brick, and the entire city I destroyed and overthrew, and converted into heaps and mounds, and upon the site I laid down large stones; and I made tablets of copper, and I wrote on them an account of the countries which I had taken by the help of my Lord Ashur, and about the taking of this city, and the building of its castle; and upon it[1] I built a house of brick, and I set up within it these copper tablets.

[Footnote 1:  “The stone foundation.”]


In the service of Ashur my Lord, my chariots and warriors I assembled, and I approached Kapshuna, their capital city; the tribes of Comani would not engage in battle with me; they submitted to my yoke, and I spared their lives.  The great castle of the city and its brick buildings I trampled under foot; from its foundations to its roofs I destroyed it and converted it into heaps and mounds, and a band of 300 fugitive heretics who did not acknowledge my Lord Ashur, and who were expelled from inside this castle, I took this band and condemned to the service of the gods, and I imposed upon the people tribute and offerings in excess of their former tribute; and the far-spreading country of Comani throughout its whole extent I reduced under my yoke.


There fell into my hands altogether between the commencement of my reign and my fifth year 42 countries, with their kings, from beyond the river Zab, plain, forest, and mountain, to beyond the river Euphrates, the country of the Khatte[1] and the upper ocean of the setting sun.  I brought them under one government; I placed them under the Magian religion, and I imposed on them tribute and offerings.

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