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[Footnote 2:  Or, brought them into difficulties.]

[Footnote 3:  One hundred and twenty.]

[Footnote 4:  Sixty.]


Tseni, the King of Dayani, who was not submissive to Ashur my Lord, his abundance and wealth I brought it to my city of Ashur.  I had mercy on him.  I left him in life to learn the worship of the great gods from my city of Ashur.  I reduced the far-spreading countries of Nairi throughout their whole extent, and many of their kings I subjected to my yoke.


In the course of this expedition, I went to the city of Milidia, belonging to the country of Khanni-rabbi, which was independent and did not obey me.  They abstained from engaging in the rude fight with me; they submitted to my yoke, and I had mercy on them.  This city I did not occupy, but I gave the people over to religious service, and I imposed on them as a token of their allegiance a fixed tribute of ...[1]

[Footnote 1:  Lacuna.]


Tiglath-Pileser, the ruling constellation; the powerful; the lover of battle.


In the service of my Lord Ashur, my chariots and warriors I assembled; I set out on my march.  In front of my strong men I went to the country of the Aramaeans, the enemies of my Lord Ashur.  From before Tsukha, as far as the city of Qarqamis[1] belonging to the country of Khatte,[2] I smote with one blow.  Their fighting men I slew; their movables, their wealth, and their valuables in countless numbers I carried off.  The men of their armies who fled from before the face of the valiant servants of my Lord Ashur, crossed over the Euphrates; in boats covered with bitumen skins I crossed the Euphrates after them; I took six of their cities which were below the country of Bisri; I burnt them with fire, and I destroyed and overthrew; and I brought their movables, their wealth, and their valuables to my city of Ashur.

[Footnote 1:  Carchemish.]

[Footnote 2:  The Hittites.]


Tiglath-Pileser, he who tramples upon the Magian world; he who subdues the disobedient; he who has overrun the whole earth.


My Lord Ashur having urged me on, I took my way to the vast country of Muzri, lying beyond Elammi, Tala, and Kharutsa; I took the country of Muzri throughout its whole extent; I subdued their warriors; I burnt their cities with fire, I destroyed and overthrew; the troops of the country of Comani hastened to the assistance of the country of Muzri:  in the mountains I fought with them and defeated them.  In the metropolis, the city of Arin, which was under the country of Ayatsa, I besieged them; they submitted to my yoke; I spared this city; but I imposed on them religious service and tribute and offerings.

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