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I took the countries of Itsua and Daria, which were turbulent and disobedient.  Tribute and offerings I imposed on them.  I attached them to the worship of Ashur.


In my triumphant progress over my enemies, my chariots and troops I assembled; I crossed the lower Zab.  The countries of Muraddan and Tsaradavas, which were near Atsaniu and Atuva, difficult regions, I captured; their warriors I cut down like weeds.  The city of Muraddan, their capital city, and the regions toward the rising sun, I took possession of.  Their gods, their wealth, and their valuables, one soss bars of iron, 30 talents of iron, the abundant wealth of the Lords, of their palaces, and their movables, I carried off.  This city I burnt with fire, I destroyed and overthrew.  At this time this iron to the god Vul, my great Lord and guardian, I dedicated.


In the might and power of Ashur my Lord, I went to the country of Tsugi, belonging to Gilkhi, which did not acknowledge Ashur my Lord.  With 4,000 of their troops, belonging to the countries Khimi, Lukhi, Arirgi, Alamun, Nuni, and all the far-spread land of the Akhi, in the country of Khirikhi, a difficult region, which rose up like metal posts, with all their people I fought on foot.  I defeated them; the bodies of their fighting men on the tops of the mountains I heaped in masses.  The carcasses of their warriors I strewed over the country of Khirikhi like chaff.  I took the entire country of Tsugi.  Twenty-five of their gods, their movables, their wealth, and their valuables I carried off.  Many of their cities I burnt with fire, I destroyed and overthrew.  The men of their armies submitted to my yoke.  I had mercy on them.  I imposed on them tribute and offerings.  With attachment to the worship of Ashur, my Lord, I intrusted them.[1]

[Footnote 1:  That is, “I caused them to worship Ashur.”]


At this time 25 of the gods belonging to those countries, subject to my government, which I had taken, I dedicated for the honor of the temple of the Queen of glory, the great ancestress of Ashur my Lord, of Anu, and of Vul, the goddess who is the guardian of all the public temples of my city of Ashur, and of all the goddesses of my country.


Tiglath-Pileser, the powerful King; the subduer of hostile races; the conqueror of the whole circle of kings.


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