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Ashur (and) the great gods, the guardians of my kingdom, who gave government and laws to my dominions, and ordered an enlarged frontier to their territory, having committed to (my) hand their valiant and warlike servants, I have subdued the lands and the peoples and the strong places, and the Kings who were hostile to Ashur; and I have reduced all that was contained in them.  With a host[1] of kings I have fought ...[2] and have imposed on them the bond of servitude.  There is not to me a second in war, nor an equal in battle.  I have added territory to Assyria and peoples to her people.  I have enlarged the frontier of my territories, and subdued all the lands contained in them.[3]

[Footnote 1:  The preamble concludes here.]

[Footnote 2:  Lacuna.]

[Footnote 3:  Literally, “a sixty.”]


In the beginning of my reign 20,000 of the Muskayans[1] and their 5 kings, who for 50 years had held the countries of Alza and Perukhuz, without paying tribute and offerings to Ashur my Lord, and whom a King of Assyria had never ventured to meet in battle betook themselves to their strength, and went and seized the country of Comukha.  In the service of Ashur my Lord my chariots and warriors I assembled after me ...[2] the country of Kasiyaia[3] a difficult country, I passed through.  With their 20,000 fighting men and their 5 kings in the country of Comukha I engaged.  I defeated them.  The ranks of their warriors in fighting the battle were beaten down as if by the tempest.  Their carcasses covered the valleys and the tops of the mountains.  I cut off their heads.  The battlements of their cities I made heaps of, like mounds of earth, their movables, their wealth, and their valuables I plundered to a countless amount. 6,000 of their common soldiers who fled before my servants and accepted my yoke, I took them, and gave them over to the men of my own territory.[4]

[Footnote 1:  Sirki citizens. (Fox Talbot.)]

[Footnote 2:  Lacuna.]

[Footnote 3:  Mount Kasiyaia. (Dr. Hincks.)]

[Footnote 4:  As slaves.]


Then I went into the country of Comukha,[1] which was disobedient and withheld the tribute and offerings due to Ashur my Lord:  I conquered the whole country of Comukha.  I plundered their movables, their wealth, and their valuables.  Their cities I burnt with fire, I destroyed and ruined.  The common people of Comukha, who fled before the face of my servants, crossed over to the city of Sherisha[2] which was on the further banks of the Tigris, and made this city into their stronghold.  I assembled my chariots and warriors.  I betook myself to carts of iron[3] in order to overcome the rough mountains and their difficult marches.  I made the wilderness (thus) practicable for the passage of my chariots and warriors.  I crossed the Tigris

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