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48 Like these boards he shall be stretched, and the sorcerer 49 the consuming fire-god shall consume. 50 O son of the macebearer, despite produce unproduced, 51 despite the clothing of the god, the King unconquerable, 52 may the man (by) the enchantment, (with) eldest son and
53 (by) sickness, the loss of prosperity, of joy (and) of gladness, 54 (by) the sickness which exists in a man’s skin, a man’s flesh,
    a man’s entrails,
55 like these boards be stretched, and 56 on that day may the consuming fire-god consume. 57 May the enchantment go forth and to (its) dwelling-place
    betake itself.


(The first part of Column III is mutilated.  It becomes legible in the middle of a list of magical formulae.)

30 The chiefest talisman, the mighty talisman, the engraved
    talisman, the talisman is the binder, with enchantment.
31 The repetition of the enchantment (is) baneful to man. 32 The curses of the gods. 33 ... the binder with enchantment. 34 (With enchantment) his hands (and) his feet he binds. 35 Merodach, the son of Hea, the prince, with his holy hands
    cuts the knots.
36 May the enchantment cause this talisman to the desert
    among the wild beasts to go forth.
37 May the baneful enchantment seize upon others. 38 May this man rest (and) open (his eyes). 39 To the blessed hand of his god may he be committed. 40 Conclusion of the formulae for averting sorcery.

41 For the raising of the mighty foundation thus have I
    burned up straight,
42 like fire have I burned up (and) have delivered the oracle.[10]

[Footnote 10:  Or, “have laid the witchcraft.”]


1 The noble cupbearer of Hea, the scribe of Merodach (am) I. 2 Like fire have I blazed (and) I rejoice;[1] 3 (like) fire have I burned (and) I grow; 4 the corn I purify and make heavy. 5 Like fire have I blazed (and) will rejoice; 6 (like) fire have I burned (and) will grow; 7 the corn will I purify and make heavy. 8 O nadir (and) zenith, the light of god and man, 9 may the store he collected be delivered. 10 May the store of (his) heart whoever he be, ye his god
    and his goddess, be delivered.
11 May his gate be kept fast.  On that day 12 may they enrich him, may they deliver him.

13 May the rejoicing[2] of the warrior fire-god 14 rejoice with thee.  May lands and rivers 15 rejoice with thee.  May Tigris and (Euphrates) 16 rejoice with thee.  May the seas and (the ocean) 17 rejoice with thee.  May the forest, the daughter of the
18 rejoice with thee.  May all the production (of the earth) 19 rejoice with thee.  May the hearts of my god and my goddess,
20 rejoice with thee.  May the hearts of the

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