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19 for the preservation of his life, into the Euphrates threw
     himself:  I took the city; 50 bit-hallu[8] and their soldiers
     in the service of Nabu-bal-idin King of Kardunias;
20 Zabdanu his brother with 300 of his soldiers and Bel-bal-idin
     who marched at the head of their armies I captured,
     together with them
21 many soldiers I smote down with my weapons; silver, gold,
     tin, precious stone of the mountains,[9] the treasure of his
22 chariots, horses trained to the yoke, trappings for men and
     horses, the women of his palace, his spoil,
23 in abundance I carried off; the city I pulled down and razed;
     ordinances and edicts I imposed on Zuhi; the fear of my
     dominion to Kardunias reached;
24 the greatness of my arms overwhelmed Chaldaea;[10] on the
     countries of the banks of the Euphrates my impetuous
     soldiers I sent forth; an image
25 of my person I made; decrees and edicts upon it I inscribed;
     in Zuri I put it up, I Assur-nasir-pal, a King who
     has enforced his laws
26 (and) decrees and who to the sword hath directed his face
     to conquests and alliances hath raised his heart.  While
     I was stationed at Calach
27 they brought me news that the population of Laqai and
     Khindanu of the whole land of Zukhi had revolted and
     crossed the Euphrates
28 on the eighteenth of May[11] I withdrew from Calach; passed
     the Tigris, took the desert to Zuri
29 by Bit-Halupi I approached in ships belonging to me which
     I had taken at Zuri:  I took my way to the sources of the
30 the narrows of the Euphrates I descended, the cities of
     Khintiel and Aziel in the land of Laqai I took; their soldiers
     I slew; their spoil
31 I carried off; the cities I overthrew, razed, burned with
     fire.  In my expedition marching westward of the banks of
     the Chaboras to
32 the city Zibate of Zuhi, cities on the other side of the
     Euphrates in the land of Laqai I overthrew, devastated and
     burned with fire; their crops I seized 460 soldiers
33 their fighting men by (my) weapons I destroyed; I took
     20 alive and impaled them on stakes;[12] on ships which I
     had built—­
34 in 20 ships which were drawn up on the sand at Haridi
     I crossed the Euphrates.  The land of Zuhaya and Laqai
35 and the city of Khindanai[13] to the power of their chariots
     armies and hands trusted and summoned 6,000 of their
     soldiers to engage in fight and battle.
36 They came to close quarters; I fought with them; I
     effected their overthrow; I destroyed their chariots 6,500
     of their warriors I smote down by my weapons; the remainder
37 in starvation in the desert of the Euphrates I shut up. 
     From Haridi in Zukhi
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