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[Footnote 23:  “Tabita” (Heb.  “Tebeth”) and “Tasritu” (Heb.  “Tisri").  It should be remarked that after the captivity the names of the months were exchanged for the Chaldean; and the old Hebrew names, such as “Abib” (Exod. xiii. 4), “Zif” (1 Kings vi. 37), “Ethanim” (ib. viii. 2), “Bul” (ib. vi. 38), and the titles first, second, third month, etc., were dropped.]

[Footnote 24:  This name has also been read as “Nisroch-Salmon.”]


l On the 22d day of the third month, May,[1] in the eponym
     of Dagan-bel-ussur,[2] withdrew from Calach; I passed the
     Tigris at its nearer bank
2 and received a large tribute; at Tabite I made a halt; on the
     6th day of the fourth month, June,[3] I withdrew from
     Tabite and skirted the banks of Kharmis;
3 at the town of Magarizi I made a halt; withdrew from it
     and passed along by the banks of the Chaboras and halted
     at Sadikanni;
4 the tribute due from Sadikanni, silver, gold, tin, kam of
     copper, oxen, sheep, I received and quitted the place.
5 At the city of Katni I made a halt; the tribute of Sunaya
     I received, and from Katni withdrew;
6 at Dar-Kumlimi[4] halted; withdrew from it and halted at
     Bit-Halupe, whose tribute
7 of silver, gold, tin, kam of copper, vestments of wool and
     linen, oxen and sheep I received, and withdrew from it;
8 at the city of Zirki I made a halt; the tribute of Zirki,
     silver, gold, tin, oxen,
9 sheep, I received; withdrew from Zirki; halted at Zupri,
     whose tribute
10 of silver, gold, tin, kami, oxen, sheep, I received; withdrew
     from Zupri and halted at Nagarabani,
11 whose tribute in silver, gold, tin, kami, oxen, sheep, I
     received and withdrew from it;
12 near Khindani, situated on the nearer banks of the Euphrates
     I halted;
13 the tribute of Khindani, silver, gold, tin, kami, oxen, sheep,
     I received.  From Khindani
14 I withdrew; at the mountains over against the Euphrates[5]
     I halted; I withdrew from those mountains and halted at
     Bit-Sabaya near the town of Haridi
15 situate on the nearer bank of the Euphrates.  From Bit-Sabaya
     I withdrew; at the commencement of the town of
16 I made a halt.  Anat is situated in the midst of the Euphrates. 
     From Anat I withdrew.  The city of Zuru the
     fortified city of
17 Sadudu of the land of Zuhi I besieged:  to the numerous
     warriors of the spacious land of the Kassi he trusted and
     to make war and battle to my presence advanced;
l8 the city I besieged; two days I was engaged in fighting; I
     made good an entrance:  (then) through fear[7] of my
     mighty arms Sadudu and his soldiers

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