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And snorting on the hills in wild dismay,
One moment glance below, then fly away;
Away from sounds that prove their masters, fiends,
Away to freedom snuffing purer winds,
Within some cool retreat by mountain streams,
Where peacefully for them, the sun-light gleams. 
At last the foe is scattered o’er the plain,
And Accad fiercely slays the flying men;
When Izdubar beholds the victory won
By Accad’s grand battalions of the sun,
His bugle-call the awful carnage stays,
Then loud the cry of victory they raise.

[Footnote 1:  The above elegy is an Assyrian fragment remarkably similar to one of the psalms of the Jewish bible, and I believe it belongs to the Irdubar epic (W.A.  I. IV. 19, No. 3; also see “Records of the Past,” vol. xi. p. 160).]

[Footnote 2:  “Ul-bar,” Bel’s temple.]

[Footnote 3:  “Nin-a-rad,” literally “servant of Nin,” or “Nin-mar-ad,” “Lord of the city of Marad.”]

[Footnote 4:  “Nin,” the god of the chase and war, or lord.]

[Footnote 5:  “Tar-u-ma-ni izzu sar-ri,” “son of the faith, the fire-king.”]

[Footnote 6:  “Nuk-khu,” darkness (god of darkness).]

[Footnote 7:  “Nin-a-zu,” god of fate and death.]

[Footnote 8:  “Mam-mit,” or “Mam-mi-tu,” goddess of fate.]

[Footnote 9:  “Dragons,” gods of chaos and death.]



A crowd of maidens led a glorious van;
With roses laden the fair heralds ran,
With silver-throated music chant the throng,
And sweetly sang the coronation song: 
And now we see the gorgeous cavalcade,
Within the walls in Accad’s grand parade
They pass, led by the maidens crowned with flowers,
Who strew the path with fragrance;—­to the towers
And walls and pillars of each door bright cling
The garlands.  Hear the maidens joyful sing!

“Oh, shout the cry!  Accadians, joyful sing
For our Deliverer!  Oh, crown him King! 
Then strew his path with garlands, tulips, rose,
And wave his banners as he onward goes;
Our mighty Nin-rad comes, oh, raise the cry! 
We crown Tar-u-ma-ni iz-zu sar-ri!

    Away to Samas’ temple grand, away! 
      For Accad crowns him, crowns him there! 
    He is our chosen Sar[1] this glorious day,
      Oh, send the Khanga[2] through the air!

Then chant the chorus, all ye hosts above! 
O daughters, mothers, sing for him we love! 
His glory who can sing, who brings us joy? 
For hope and gladness all our hearts employ. 
He comes, our hope and strength in every war: 
We crown him as our king, our Izdubar!

    Away to Samas’ temple grand, away! 
      For Accad crowns him, crowns him there! 
    He is our chosen Sar this glorious day,
      Oh, send the Khanga through the air!”

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