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1 To Ninip[1] most powerful hero, great, chief of the gods,
     warrior, powerful Lord, whose onset in battle has not been
     opposed, eldest son,
2 crusher of opponents, first-born son of Nukimmut,[2] supporter
     of the seven,[3]
     noble ruler, King of the gods the producers, governor, he who
     rolls along the mass
3 of heaven and earth, opener of canals, treader of the wide earth,
     the god who in
     his divinity nourishes heaven and earth, the beneficent,
4 the exalted, the powerful, who has not lessened the glory of his
     face,[4] head of
     nations, bestower of sceptres, glorious, over all cities a
5 valiant, the renown of whose sceptre is not approached, chief of
     widespread influence, great among the gods, shading from the
     southern sun, Lord of Lords, whose hand the vault of heaven
6 (and) earth has controlled, a King in battle mighty[6] who has
     vanquished opposition, victorious, powerful, Lord of
     water-courses and seas,[7]
7 strong, not yielding, whose onset brings down the green corn,
     smiting the land of the enemy, like the cutting of reeds, the
     deity who changes not his purposes,
8 the light of heaven and earth, a bold leader on the waters,
     destroyer of them that hate (him), a spoiler (and) Lord
     of the disobedient, dividing enemies, whose name in the
     speech of the gods
9 no god has ever disregarded, the gatherer of life, the god(?)
     whose prayers are good, whose abode is in the city of Calah,
     a great Lord, my Lord—­(who am) Assur-nasir-pal, the
     mighty King,
10 King of multitudes, a Prince unequalled, Lord of all the
     four countries, powerful over hosts of men, the possession
     of Bel and Ninip the exalted and Anu
11 and of Dakan,[8] a servant of the great gods in the lofty shrine
     for great (O Ninip) is thy heart; a worshipper of Bel whose
     might upon
12 thy great deity is founded, and thou makest righteous his
     life, valiant, warrior, who in the service of Assur his Lord
     hath proceeded, and among the Kings
13 of the four regions who has not his fellow, a Prince for
     admiration, not sparing opponents, mighty leader, who an
14 has not, a Prince reducing to order his disobedient ones,
     who has subdued whole multitudes of men, a strong worker,
     treading down
15 the heads of his enemies, trampling on all foes, crushing
     assemblages of rebels, who in the service of the great gods
     his Lords
16 marched vigorously and the lands of all of them his hand
     captured, caused the forests of all of them to fall,[9] and
     received their tribute, taking
17 securities, establishing laws over all lands, when Assur the
     Lord who proclaims my name and augments my Royalty

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