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John Leighton Stuart
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may safely divide it into three distinct parts:  firstly, ten or twelve men belonging to the International, who have both thought and studied and may be able to act, mixed with these several foreigners; secondly, a number of young men, ardent but inexperienced, some of whom are imbued with Jacobin principles; thirdly, and by far the largest portion, unsuccessful plotters in former revolutions, journalists, orators, and conspirators,—­noisy, active, and effervescent, having no particular tie amongst themselves except the absence of any common bond of unity with the two former divisions, and being confounded now with one, now with the other.  The members of the International alone have any real political value; they are Socialists.  The Jacobin element is decidedly dangerous.”—­If in reality the Communal Assembly is thus composed, how will it act?  Let us wait and see; in the meantime the city is calm.  Never did so critical a moment wear so calm an exterior.  By the bye, where are the Prussians?[24]


[Footnote 23:  The Figaro gives the following list of those who held service under the Commune:—­

    Anys-el-Bittar, Librarian MSS.  Department, Bibliotheque Nationale. 

    Biondetti, Surgeon 233rd Battalion. (Italian.)

    Babiok, a Member of the Commune. (Pole.)

    Beoka, Adjutant to the 207th Battalion. (Pole.)

    Cluseret, General, Delegate of War. (American.)

    Cernatesco, Surgeon of Francs Tireurs. (Pole.)

    Crapulinski, Colonel of Staff. (Pole.)

    Carneiro de Cunha, Surgeon 38th Battalion. (Portuguese.)

    Charalambo, Surgeon of the Federal Scouts. (Pole.)

    Dombrowski, General. (Russian.)

    Dombrowski (his brother), Colonel of Staff. (Russian.)

    Durnoff, Commandant of Legion. (Pole.)

    Echenlaub, Colonel. (German.)

    Ferrera Gola, General Manager of Field Hospitals. (Portuguese.)

    Frankel, a Member of the Commune. (Prussian.)

    Giorok, Commandant of the Fort d’Issy. (Valachian.)

    Grejorok, Commandant of the Artillery at Montmartre.(Valachian.)

    Kertzfeld, Chief Manager of Field Hospitals. (German.)

    Iziquerdo, Surgeon of the 88th Battalion. (Pole.)

    Jalowski, Surgeon of the Zouaves de la Republique. (Pole.)

    Kobosko, Despatch Bearer.

    La Cecilia, General. (Italian.)

    Landowski, Aide-de-Camp of General Dombrowski. (Pole.)

    Mizara, Commandant of the 104th Battalion. (Italian.)

    Maratuch, Surgeon’s mate of the 72nd Battalion. (Hungarian.)

    Moro, Commandant of the 22nd Battalion. (Italian.)

    Okolowicz and his brothers, General and Staff Officers. (Poles.)

    Ostyn, a Member of the Commune. (Belgian.)

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