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    “Moreover, make all necessary requisitions,


    “Paris, 2nd Prairial, an 79.”

On the 22nd appeared the following proclamation:—­

    “CITIZENS,—­The gate of Saint-Cloud, attacked from four directions
    at once, was forcibly taken by the Versaillais, who have become
    masters of a considerable portion of Paris.

“This reverse, far from discouraging us, should prove a stimulus to our exertions.  A people who have dethroned kings, destroyed Bastilles, and established a Republic, can not lose in a day the fruits of the emancipation of the 18th of March.
“Parisians, the struggle we have commenced cannot be abandoned, for it is a struggle between the past and the future, between liberty and despotism, equality and monopoly, fraternity and servitude, the unity of nations and the egotism of oppressors.


“Yes,—­to arms!  Let Paris bristle with barricades, and from behind these improvised ramparts let her shout to her enemies the cry of war, its cry of fierce pride of defiance, and of victory; for Paris with her barricades is invincible.
“Let the pavement of the streets be torn up; firstly, because the projectiles coming from the enemy are less dangerous falling on soft ground; secondly, because these paving-stones, serving as a new means of defence, can be carried to the higher floors where there are balconies.

    “Let revolutionary Paris, the Paris of great deeds, do her duty; the
    Commune and the Committee for Public Safety will do theirs.

    “Hotel de Ville, 2nd Prairial, an 79,

    “The Committee for Public Safety,


These are the commentaries made by Citizen Delescluze:—­

    “Citoyen Jacquet is authorised to find men and materials for the
    construction of barricades in the Rue du Chateau d’Eau and in the
    Rue d’Albany.

    “The citoyens and citoyennes who refuse their aid will be shot on
    the spot.

    “The citoyens, chiefs of barricades, are entrusted with the care of
    assuring tranquillity each in his own quarter.

    “They are to inspect all houses bearing a suspicious appearance &c.,

    “The houses suspected are to be set light to at the first signal


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