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John Leighton Stuart
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Saturday, 6th May:  Concert at the Tuileries in aid of the ambulances.  Suppression of newspapers.

Monday, 8th May:  Battery of Montretout (70 marine guns) opens fire.

Tuesday, 9th May:  Morning, insurgents evacuate the Fort Issy.—­The Committee of Public Safety renewed.  Members:  Ranvier, Antoine Arnauld, Gambon, Eudes, Delescluze.  Rossel resigns; his letter to the Commune.

Wednesday, 10th May:  Cannon from the Fort Issy taken to Versailles.—­Decree for the demolition of M. Thiers’ house.  Delescluze appointed Delegate of War.

Friday, 12th May:  Troops take possession of the Couvent des Oiseaux at Issy, and the Lyceum at Vanves.

Saturday, 13th May:  Triumphal entry of the troops into Versailles with flags and cannon taken from the Convent.  The evacuation of the village of Issy completed.  Fort Vanves taken by the troops.

Sunday, 14th May:  Vigorous cannonade from the batteries of Courbevoie, Becon, Asnieres on Levallois and Clichy:  both villages evacuated.  Commencement of the demolition of house of M. Thiers.

Monday, 15th May:  Report of the rearmament of Montmartre.

Tuesday, 16th May:  The Column Vendome falls.

Wednesday, 11th May:  Powder magazine and cartridge factory near the Champ de Mars blown up.

Sunday, 21st May:  2 p.m. the troops enter Paris.—­Rochefort arrives at Versailles.  Raoul Rigault and Regere charged with the hostage decree.

Monday, 22nd May:  Noon, explosion of the powder magazine of the Manege d’Etat-Major (staff riding-school).  The hostages transferred from Mazas to La Roquette.  Assy arrested in Paris by the Versaillais.  The Assembly votes the re-erection of the Column Vendome.

Tuesday, 23rd May:  Montmartre taken.  Death of Dombrowski.  Morning, Assy arrives at Versailles.  Execution of gendarmes and Gustave Chaudey at the prison of Sainte-Pelagie.  Night, the Tuileries are set on fire.  Delescluze and the Committee of Public Safety hold permanent sittings at the Hotel de Ville.

Wednesday, 24th May:  One p.m., the powder magazine at the Palais du Luxembourg blown up.  The Committee of Public Safety organise detachments of fusee-bearers.  Raoul Rigault shot in the afternoon by the soldiers.  In the evening, execution in the Prison of La Roquette of the Archbishop, Abbe Deguerry, etc.

Thursday, 26th May:  The forts Montrouge, Hautes-Bruyeres, Bicetre evacuated by the insurgents.  The death of Delescluze is reported to have taken place this day.  Executions in the Avenue d’Italie of the Peres Dominicains of Arcueil.

Friday, 26th May:  Sixteen priests shot in the Cemetery of Pere Lachaise by the insurgents.

Saturday, 27th May:  The Buttes Chaumont, the heights of Belleville, and the Cemetery of Pere Lachaise carried by the troops.  Taking of the prison La Roquette by the Marines.  Deliverance of 169 hostages.

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