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On August 15th, the Times reporter gave the number awaiting trial at Versailles at 30,000.  On the 7th September they had reached 39,000, daily arrests adding to the number; out of these, 35,000 only had their charges made out, of which 13,900 had been examined, 2,800 writs of release having been issued, though only a few hundreds have been set at liberty.  There are only 94 reporting officers:  20 attached to the Council of War, 6 to the Orangerie, 4 to Satory, 3 to the Prison des Femmes, and 16 to the Western Ports:  17 more are to be added shortly.

[Illustration:  MARSHAL MACMAHON, Duc de Magenta.

Commander-in-chief of the Army of Versailles.]

[Illustration:  LIGHT & AIR ONCE MORE]


[Illustration:  PARIS VERSAILLES]


[Footnote 112:  See Appendix 15, 16, 17, and 18.]



FROM THE 18th OF MARCH TO THE 29th MAY, 1871.

The dash (—­) in each day after the commencement of military operations divides the civil from the military.

Saturday, 18th March:  Early in the morning troops take possession of the Buttes Montmartre and Belleville.  The soldiers charged with the recovery of the pieces of artillery fraternise with the people and the National Guard.  Arrest of Generals Lecomte and Clement Thomas:  they are shot at Montmartre without trial.  National Guards take possession of the Hotel de Ville, the Prefecture of Police is invaded by Raoul Rigault, Duval, and others.

Sunday, 19th March:  The Central Committee of the National Guard take possession of the offices of the Journal Officiel.  Arrest of General Chanzy.  Gustave Flourens, imprisoned at Mazas, is set at liberty by the new masters of Paris.  M. Thiers addresses a circular to the country enjoining obedience to the only authority, that of the Assembly.

Tuesday, 21st March:  Manifestation of the “Friends of Order.”  Procession for public demonstration.  Sitting of the Assembly at Versailles.  M. Jules Favre advises prompt measures.  Appeal to the people and army.

Wednesday, 22nd March:  Friends of Order shot in the Rue de la Paix.  Lullier arrested by order of the Central Committee.

Thursday, 23rd March:  Vice-Admiral Saisset is appointed by the Assembly Commander-in-Chief of the National Guard.

Friday, 24th March:  The delegates Brunel, Eudes, Duval, are promoted to the rank of generals by the Central Committee.  Vice-Admiral Saisset’s proclamation.

Saturday, 29th March:  Occupation of the Mairie of the 1st Arrondissement by the Federals.  First placard of the Committee of Conciliation.  Rumour of the arrest of Lullier reproached for moderation.  Vice-Admiral Saisset retires to Versailles. Sunday, 26th March:  Municipal elections to constitute the Commune of Paris.

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