Paris under the Commune eBook

John Leighton Stuart
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LII.  Camp, Place Vendome

LIII.  Elections of the 16th of April

LIV.  The “Change” under the Commune

LV.  Elections sans Electors—­Farce of Universal Suffrage

LVI.  A la Mode de Londres

LVII.  The Little Sisters of the Poor

LVIII.  Becon and Asnieres taken—­Declaration to the French
People—­Federation of Communes—­The Commune or the Deluge

LIX.  A Court-Martial

LX.  A Heroic Gamin

LXI.  Killing the Dead

LXII.  The Truce at Neuilly—­Porte-Maillot destroyed—­Neuilly in Ruins

LXIII.  Masonic Mediation—­The Envoy of Peace—­Citizens and Brothers—­A
White Flag on Porte-Maillot

LXIV.  Prudent Monsieur Pyat

LXV.  Resources of the Commune—­The Royal Road to Riches

LXVI.  The Prophecy of Proudhon

LXVII.  Revolutionary Balloons

LXVIII.  A Confession of Conscience

LXIX.  Communist Journalism—­Sensation Articles

LXX.  Fort Issy falls

LXXI.  Cluseret arrested

LXXII.  The Executive Commission—­Committee of Public Safety

LXXIII.  A Competent Tribunal

LXXIV.  The Password betrayed

LXXV.  The Condemned Chapel

LXXVI.  Restitution is Robbery

LXXVII.  The Nuns of Picpus

LXXVIII.  Rossel resigns—­The Semblance of a Government

LXXIX.  Want of Funds—­The Sinews of War

LXXX.  Passwords—­The Chariot of Apollo—­Refractories

LXXXI.  Sacrilege—­Clubs in the Churches

LXXXII.  Refractories in Danger

LXXXIII.  The Home of M. Thiers, Demolition and Removal

LXXXIV.  Filial Love

LXXXV.  Communal Secessionists—­Save himself who can

LXXXVI.  The Failing Cause—­The Column Vendome falls

LXXXVII.  A Concert at the Tuileries

LXXXVIII.  Cartridge Magazine Explosion

LXXXIX.  The Advent of Action—­Paris ceases to smile

XC.  The Troops enter—­Street Fortifications—­Insurgents at home

Xci.  Arrests and Murders

Xcii.  Fire and Sword

XCIII.  Barricade at the Place de Clichy

Xciv.  Rack and Ruin

XCV.  Bloodshed and Brigandage

Xcvi.  Hotel de Ville on Fire—­A Furnace

Xcvii.  Petroleurs and Petroleuses

XCVIII.  Streets of Paris

Xcix.  The Expiring Demons—­The Hostages—­Reprisals—­Cemeteries

C. Sewers and Catacombs

CI.  Mourning and Sadness


Chronology of the Commune

Memoir of Rochefort.

The 18th of March

The Prussians and the Commune

Memoir of Gambon

Memoir of Lullier

Memoir of Protot

Translation from Victor Hugo

Note of Jourde

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