Paris under the Commune eBook

John Leighton Stuart
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Introductory chapter—­The 30th October, 1870—­The Hotel de Ville invaded—­Governor Trochu resigns—­A Revolt attempted—­Meetings, Place de la Bastille—­The Prussians enter Paris—­Hostility of the National Guard

I. The Memorable 18th of March—­Line and Nationals
Fraternise—­Discipline at a Discount

II.  Assassination of Generals Lecomte and Clement Thomas

III.  Proclamation of M. Picard—­The Government retires to Versailles

IV.  The New Regime Proclaimed—­Obscurity of New Masters

V. Paris Hesitates—­Small Sympathy with Versailles

VI.  The Buttes Montmartre

VII.  An Issue Possible—­An Approved Proclamation

VIII.  Demonstration of the Friends of Order

IX.  The Drama of the Rue de la Paix—­Victims to Order

X. A Wedding

XI.  The Bourse and Belleville

XII.  Watching and Waiting

XIII.  A Timid but Prudent Person

XIV Some Federal Opinions

XV.  Proclamation of Admiral Saisset—­Paris Satisfied.

XVI.  A Widow

XVII.  The Central Committee Triumphs

XVIII.  Paris Elections

XIX.  The Commune a Fact—­A Motley Assembly

XX.  Proclamation of the Elections

XXI.  A Batch of Official Decrees—­Landlord, and Tenant

XXII.  Requisitions and Feasts

XXIII.  Removals and Retirements

XXIV.  A General Flight

XXV.  An Envoy to Garibaldi

XXVI.  Commencement of Civil War—­Beyond the Arc de Triomphe

XXVII.  Mont Valerien opens on the Federals—­Contradictory News

XXVIII.  Death of General Duval—­Able Administration

XXIX.  Antipathy to the Church—­The Archbishop Interrogated

XXX.  The Accomplices of Versailles

XXXI.  Death of Colonel Flourens

XXXII.  The Cross and the Red Flag

XXXIII.  Colonel Assy of Creuzot—­Disgrace of Lullier

XXXIV.  Fighting goes on

XXXV.  Federal Funerals

XXXVI.  Prudent Counsel

XXXVII.  Suppression of Newspapers

XXXVIII.  The Second Bombardment—­Avenue de la Grande Armee—­Reckless Aim of the Versaillais

XXXIX.  The Plan of Bergeret

XL.  Another General—­Police and Pressgang—­A Citizen of the World

XLI.  Women and Children

XLII.  Why is Conciliation Impossible?

XLIII.  The Portable Guillotine

XLIV.  The Common Grave

XLV.  Idle Paris

XLVI.  The Press

XLVII.  Day follows Day

XLVIII.  The Condemned Column—­Model Decrees

XLIX.  Thiers and Conciliation—­Paris and France

L. Communist Caricatures—­Political Satire

LI.  Gustave Courbet—­Federation of Art—­Courbet, President

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