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Reid, Major, in command of the Sirmoor battalion at Delhi columns under his attack on Kishenganj wounded

Rifles, the 60th Royal, at the Siege of Delhi

Rockets used by enemy

Rohtak, raid on

Sabzi Mandi Gardens picket duty at the attacks on

Salkeld, Engineer

“Sammy House,” assault on

Sauer, the bandmaster

Seeson, Mrs., her escape from Delhi

Selimgarh Fort occupied by the troops

Sepoys:  signs of disaffection at Ferozepore revolt of infantry and artillery attack the fort of Ferozepore their work of destruction trial and punishment cowardly tactics

Seton, Colonel, wounded

Shah Bahadoor Shah, King of Delhi:  his capture appearance and dress trial and sentence

Showers, Brigadier

Shrapnel shell, effect of a

Siege-train from Ferozepore, threatened approach of reaches camp

Sikhs, the their help and loyalty to the British army, characteristics style of marching their coolness and intrepidity under fire

Silver plate of the 61st Regiment, search for its total destruction

Skinner, Colonel Alexander, troops take possession of his house his erection of a church, temple, and mosque

Sumroo, Begum

Sun, partial eclipse of the effect on the mutineers

Tai-khanas, or underground rooms, discovery of human beings in

Talc, miniature paintings on, style of

Taliwarra, suburb of ruins of

Tattah Times, the, article on the delay in payment of the prize-money

Tombs, Major his rescue of Lieutenant Hills at the Battle of Najafgarh

Trench-work before Delhi

Tytler, Mrs.

Umballah force assembled at troops at

Vicars, Adjutant, at Ferozepore on the news of the outbreak of the Mutiny

Wasps, stings from

Water bastion No. 3 Battery, smashed to pieces effect of the bombardment

Wilde’s regiment of Punjabis

Wilson, General, in command of the army result of his stringent orders address to his troops council of war instructions for the final assault orders to prevent drunkenness proposal to evacuate Delhi instructions against looting promise with regard to prize-money

Wriford, Captain, appointed prize agent

Yonge, Lieutenant

Young, Lieutenant, wounded

Zeenat Mahal, portrait of

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