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Lawrence, Sir John, Chief Commissioner of the Punjab his proclamation to the Sikhs at Lahore

Light Cavalry, the 3rd, mutineers of the, their massacre of Europeans

Light Cavalry, the 10th Native

Longfield, Brigadier, column under

Loodianah, outbreak of cholera at number of deaths from

Loot, the sale of

Looting, the practice of instructions against military maxim for result of systematic method of search discovery of treasure hiding-places

Ludlow Castle, occupied by the rebels No. 2 Battery

Lumsden, Punjab Rifles, killed at the Battle of Najafgarh

Magazine, Delhi, attack on the captured amount of shot and shell

Marseilles Massaks, or inflated sheepskins

Maxim, military

Medals, presentation of

Meerut, outbreak of the Mutiny at

Metcalfe, Sir Theophilus:  his house plundered and burnt guides the troops in Delhi

Miniature paintings on talc, style of

Mohammedans:  their mode of burial method of concealing valuables

Monsoon, the

Mooltani Horse at the Lahore Gate their appearance and want of discipline

Moore, Lieutenant, wounded

Mori bastion, No. 1 Battery

Moylan, Private, saves the life of an officer

Murree Convalescent Depot

Najafgarh, battle of casualties


Napoleon the Great, saying of

Neemuch insurgents

Nicholson, General, in command of the reinforcements his powers and skill in ruling the lawless tribes his title of “Nikul Seyn” appearance and characteristics expedition under at Najafgarh, address to the troops column under wounded and death denounces the proposal to evacuate Delhi

Palki ghari, or Indian carriage Paniput, battles of

Pattoun, Lieutenant, wounded

Persia, Nadir Shah, King of, his massacre of Delhi in 1747 Petarahs, or native leather trunks, theft of

Pets, desertion of

Phillour, arsenal in charge of natives

Prize agents, appointment of

Prize-money, distribution of delay in paying

Punjab Rifles, the 4th, attack the magazine

Punjab, the number of native regiments their coolness and intrepidity under fire

Reade, Surgeon, awarded the Victoria Cross

Redmond, Major, wounded

Reed, General, resigns his command of the army

Regiment, the 52nd, at Delhi

Regiment, the 61st:  stationed at Ferozepore parade routine of guard and picket duty loss of the silver plate privations and sufferings their comical “night attack” five companies to march to Delhi preparations night marches at Loodianah outbreak of cholera number of deaths at Umballah reach Delhi

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