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C——­ d, Assistant Collector at Goorgaon murder of his sister joins the force at Delhi his vengeance on the murderers killed

C——­ d, Miss, joins her brother at Goorgaon murdered at Delhi

Chamberlain, Brigadier-General

“Chandni Chauk,” or silver street of Delhi

Charpoy, or bed

Chillianwalla, Battle of

Cholera, at Delhi, number of deaths from at Loodianah deaths from

Chunam, or cement

Cis-Sutlej States

Coke, Major in command of the advance on Alipore his corps of Punjab Rifles, quartered in the Jama Masjid

“Cow House,” picket at


Daily Telegraph, proprietors of the their dinner to the surviving veterans of the Mutiny

Deacon, Captain, wounded

Deacon, Colonel

Delhi arsenal in charge of natives arrival of reinforcements buildings Palace of the Emperors vicissitudes riches massacres circumference of the walls the gates number of killed and wounded deaths from cholera arrival of the siege-train preparations for the bombardment trench-work commencement of the siege total force bombardment arrangements for the attack storming columns dispositions of the troops entrance into the city destructive nature of street-fighting advantages gained troops indulge in drink flight of insurgents Palace occupied by troops fall the bridge of boats looting and pillaging discovery of human beings size of the city punishment of natives insanitary condition capture by Lord Lake in 1803 accumulation of vast treasures

Delhi Gazette, editor of the, tortured to death

Delhi, Shah Bahadoor Shah, King of:  his capture appearance and dress trial and sentence his sons taken prisoners and shot

Dewan-i-Aum, or Hall of Audience, Delhi

Dewan-i-Khas, Delhi

Dost Mohammed Khan, Ameer, his spies at Delhi

Drink, indulgence in, by the soldiers destruction of liquor

Eclipse, partial, of the sun effect on the mutineers

Edward VII., King, receives the surviving officers of the Indian Mutiny

Elkington, mortally wounded his premonition of death

Fagan, Captain Robert, killed at Delhi his characteristics

Fagan, Captain, appointed prize agent

Ferozepore, port of, in charge of natives 61st Regiment of Foot stationed at signs of disaffection among the sepoys position of the fort cantonment fired explosions destruction of the buildings night attack on measures for the safety incident of the comical night attack trial and punishment of rebels return to

Fishing, amusement of

Flagstaff Tower; view from the

Flies, plague of

Gabbett, Lieutenant, at the attack on the Sabzi Mandi Gardens wounded at
Najafgarh his death

Garstin bastion captured

Gharee, or native carriage

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