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During my stay at Umballah I made arrangements with an officer of the Civil Service for the sale of the loot I had brought from Delhi.  He entrusted the commission to one of his native writers, who executed the work in a satisfactory manner, though the price I received was hardly equal to the amount I had anticipated.  To my friend’s wife I gave a filigree gold chain of beautiful workmanship, and of such length that it reached six times round the neck, also a tiara of precious stones, while I also presented some pearls and gold mohurs.  There is no doubt that, had I brought the whole of my plunder home to England, the price obtained for it would have been far in excess of what I received at Umballah, but the risk of transportation was too great; I feared, also, the chance of robbery and the anxiety attached to carrying about with me so many articles of value.


AFGHANS:  their want of bravery at the Siege of Delhi

Ahmed Ali Khan’s house headquarters at

Ajmir Gate, captured quarters at

Alipore, advance on

Alma, anniversary of the Battle of

Ammunition, pits dug for scarcity of amount

Army, British:  characteristics of the troops instructions on the outbreak of the Mutiny stringent orders dress reception in England delay in paying prize-money instructions against looting promise of prize-money batta in lieu indignation against the decision rescinded appointment of prize agents amount distributed

Army, native:  signs of incipient mutiny outbreak at Meerut

Artillerymen, their zeal and devotion at the Siege of Delhi

Badli-ki-Serai, action at

Badmashes, or bad characters

“Bakra Id,” anniversary of

Bareilly Brigade, the mutinous

Barnard, Sir Henry, at the Siege of Delhi his victory at Badli-ki-Serai address to the troops death from cholera

Barnes, Mr. George, Commissioner of the Cis-Sutlej States

Belooch battalion, at Delhi

Bengal Army:  outbreak of the Mutiny signs of incipient mutiny

Bengal Artillery Corps, record of their achievements before Delhi

Bengal Fusiliers, the 1st, quartered at Umballah

Bhisti, or water-carrier Boileau, Lieutenant


Bridge of boats over the Jumna attempt to blow up

Burn bastion, unsuccessful attack on captured

Calcutta Gate

Campbell, Colonel, column under

Campbell, Sir Colin, at the Battle of Chillianwalla

Campbell, Sir Edward, appointed prize agent

Canning, Lord, his decision in regard to the prize-money

Cannons, punishment of blowing away at the mouths of

Cavalry Brigade, stationed near No. 1 Battery their splendid behaviour

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