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May 10 to June 13

Outbreak at Meerut—­Neglect of arsenals—­H.M.’s 61st Regiment—­Characteristics of the British troops in India—­Outbreak unexpected—­First indication of disaffection—­News of the Mutiny at Meerut—­Steps taken at Ferozepore—­Wives and families moved to the barracks—­A party of the 61st Regiment sent into the fort—­Proceedings within the fort—­45th Regiment of Native Infantry tries to take the fort—­It is repulsed—­Criticism of the Brigadier’s conduct—­His want of initiative—­The cantonment fired—­The damage done—­Bells of arms blown up—­The 61st dismissed to barracks—­A patrol ordered—­State of the cantonment—­Action of the mutineers—­Officers quartered in the barracks—­Grenadiers again on special duty—­Indifference displayed by the Brigadier—­Measures adopted for the safety of the cantonment—­Search for mess property—­Parsimony of the Government—­Anxiety in the Punjab—­Loyalty of the Sikhs—­Sir John Lawrence’s appeal to them—­Their characteristics—­Spread of the Mutiny—­Reaction at Ferozepore—­Night-attacks—­One in particular—­Trial of prisoners—­Sentences—­Executions



June 13 to July 1

A wing of the 61st ordered to Delhi—­The five companies selected—­Readiness displayed by the regiment—­On the march—­Cholera appears—­I visit an old friend—­Badli-ki-Serai—­News from Delhi—­Entry into camp



July 1 to September 7

A view of Delhi—­Vicissitudes of the city—­Its defences—­defences—­The ridge—­Position of our camp—­Our position—­The Goorkhas—­Cholera raging—­Heat and flies—­Executions—­The Metcalfe pickets—­A sortie expected—­expected—­Hodson—­Bombardment of Metcalfe picket—­Enemy reported moving on Alipore—­A force sent after them—­The action described—­Forces complimented by Sir Henry Barnard—­His death—­His services—­Our meagre armament—­Scarcity of ammunition—­Amusing incident—­The Metcalfe house—­Our bugle-calls in use by the enemy—­A sortie—­Ruse by the enemy’s cavalry—­Gallant conduct of Lieutenant Hills and Major Tombs, Bengal Artillery—­Expedition under Brigadier Chamberlain—­Chamberlain—­Gallant conduct of Brigadier Wm. Jones—­Fight at Kishenganj—­Meeting with an old friend—­A sad story—­story—­Story of C——­ d—­A victim of the Meerut massacre—­massacre—­Strong feeling of revenge in all ranks—­A sortie—­Attack on Sabzi Mandi pickets and right ridge—­An awkward position—­Heavy loss of enemy—­Cholera and other sickness prevalent—­Fishing—­Provisions, etc., much appreciated—­General Reed resigns and is succeeded by General Wilson—­Attack on Sabzi Mandi and Hindoo Rao’s repulsed—­Bodies of slain sepoys rifled—­Difficulty of preventing it—­General’s approval of Colonel Jones’s conduct—­The number of attacks by the enemy—­Sortie

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