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F. suspensa intermedia is a garden hybrid, 1891.

F. VIRIDISSIMA.—­Japan, 1845.  This is another desirable species, but it is not comparable in point of beauty with the former.  It is usually of strong erect growth, with stout shoots, wreathed with bright yellow flowers towards the end of winter.  It is a very beautiful shrub, and a valuable addition to the winter or early spring flowering section.


FOTHERGILLA ALNIFOLIA.—­North Eastern America, 1765.  This is an ungainly habited shrub, of dwarf growth, the branches being somewhat slender and crooked.  The flowers are white, sweetly scented, and produced in dense terminal spikes.  It is perfectly hardy.


FRAXINUS ORNUS (syn F. argentea, F. rotundifolia, and Ornus europea).—­Manna Ash.  South Europe, 1730.  This is a handsome tree, especially when young and vigorous, and by far the most ornamental species in cultivation.  For planting in situations where large-growing subjects would be out of place this is a valuable tree, while the wealth of flowers renders it particularly interesting and effective.  It rarely exceeds 30 feet in height, with leaves not unlike those of the common Ash, and conspicuous panicles of light, feathery, white petaliferous flowers, produced usually in great abundance all over the tree.  Perfectly hardy.

F. Ornus serotina alba and F. Ornus serotina violacea are beautiful seedling forms that were raised in France, and on account of their dwarf habit and profusion of flowers are well worthy of attention.  The flowers of the first-named variety are pure white, the stamens having at first yellow anthers, which speedily turn to a rich blackish-brown.  The other differs but little, only in the flowers, which are of a distinct greyish-violet hue, while the leaves are of a darker shade of green, and the leaflets longer and narrower.

F. MARIESII.—­Northern China, 1880.  This is hardy in most parts of the country.  The whole tree is quite glabrous except the petioles, which are clothed with a dense pubescence.  Flowers pure white, and arranged in large dense panicles.


FREMONTIA CALIFORNICA.—­California, 1851.  A handsome and deciduous Californian shrub, but scarcely hardy enough for the open air without protection.  In Southern England and Ireland, however, it does well, and all the better if planted within the influence of the sea.  The large yellow flowers are often about 2 inches across, and produced singly along the branches, while the leaves are large, lobed, and of an enticing shade of green.  Planted against a wall, in good dampish loam, it succeeds well.


FUCHSIA MACROSTEMA GLOBOSA (syn F. globosa).—­Chili.  This is readily recognised by the globose form assumed by the incurved sepals, while the flowers are smaller and less showy than those of F. Riccartoni.  Hardihood about similar to the following.

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