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DEUTZIA CRENATA (syn D. scabra and D.  Fortunei).—­Japan 1863.  This is of stout, bushy growth, often reaching a height of 8 feet, and lateral spread of nearly as much.  The ovate-lanceolate leaves are rough to the touch, and its slender, but wiry stems, are wreathed for a considerable distance along with racemes of pure white flowers.  It is a very distinct shrub, of noble port, and when in full flower is certainly one of the most ornamental of hardy shrubs.  The double-flowered form, D. crenata flore-pleno, is one of the prettiest flowering shrubs in cultivation, the wealth of double flowers, not white as in the species, but tinged with reddish-purple being highly attractive.  D. crenata, Pride of Rochester, is another form with double-white flowers, and a most distinct and beautiful shrub.  Two other very beautiful varieties are those known as D. crenata Watererii and D. crenata Wellsii.

D. GRACILIS is a somewhat tender shrub of fully 18 inches high, with smooth leaves and pure-white flowers produced in the greatest freedom.  It does well in warm, sheltered sites, but is most frequently seen as a greenhouse plant.  A native of Japan.


DIERVILLA FLORIBUNDA (syn D. multiflora and Weigelia floribunda), from Japan, 1864, has narrow, tubular, purplish-coloured corollas, that are only slightly opened out at the mouth.  The Diervillas are valuable decorative shrubs, of free growth in good rich loam, and bearing a great abundance of the showiest of flowers.  For shrubbery planting they must ever rank high, the beautiful flowers and rich green ample leafage rendering them distinct and attractive.

D. GRANDIFLORA (syn D. amabilis and Weigelia amabilis).—­Japan.  This is of larger growth than D. rosea, with strongly reticulated leaves, that are prominently veined on the under sides, and much larger, almost white flowers.  It is a distinct and worthy species.  There are some beautiful varieties of this species, named Isolinae, Van Houttei, and Striata.

D. ROSEA (syn Weigelia rosea).—­China, 1844.  This is a handsome hardy shrub of small stature, with ovate-lanceolate leaves, and clusters of showy pink, or sometimes white flowers, that are produced in April and May.  There are many good varieties of this shrub, of which the following are the most popular:—­D. rosea arborescens grandiflora; D. rosea Lavallii, with an abundance of crimson-red flowers; D. rosea Stelzneri, with an abundance of deep red flowers; D. rosea hortensis nivea, large foliage, and large, pure-white flowers; D. rosea candida, much like the latter, but bearing pure-white flowers; and D. rosea Looymansii aurea has beautiful golden leaves.


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