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DABOECIA POLIFOLIA (syn Menziesia polifolia).—­St. Dabeoc’s Heath.  South Western Europe, Ireland and the Azores.  A dwarf, and rather straggling, viscid shrub, with linear-ovate leaves that are silvery beneath.  The flowers are pink, and abundantly produced.  D. polifolia alba has white flowers; and D. polifolia atro-purpurea, purplish flowers.


DANAE LAURUS (syn D. racemosa and Ruscus racemosus).—­Alexandrian Laurel.  A native of Portugal (1739), with glossy-green leaf substitutes, and racemes of small, not very showy, greenish-yellow flowers.


DAPHNE ALPINA.—­Italy, 1759.  A deciduous species, which has white or rosy-white, sweet-scented flowers.  It is a pretty, but rare shrub, that grows well in light sandy leaf soil.

D. ALTAICA.—­Siberia, 1796.  Though rare in gardens, this is a pretty and neat-foliaged species, and bears white flowers in abundance.  It wants a warm corner and dry soil.

D. BLAGAYANA.—­Styria, 1872.  This is still rare in cultivation, but it is a very desirable species, bearing ivory-white highly-fragrant flowers.  For the alpine garden it is particularly suitable, and though growing rather slowly thrives well in good light soil.

D. CHAMPIONI (syn D. Fortunei), from China, is a rare and pretty species, bearing lilac flowers in winter, and whilst the shrub is leafless.  It does best in a warm situation, such as planted against a wall facing south.

D. CNEORUM.—­Garland Flower.  South Europe, 1752.  This is a charming rock shrub, of dwarf, trailing habit, with small glossy-green leaves, and dense clusters of deep pink, deliciously-fragrant flowers.

D. FIONIANA is of neat growth, with small, glossy, dark leaves, and pale rose-coloured flowers.  Its sturdy, dwarf habit, constant verdure, and pretty sweet-scented flowers, should make this species a favourite with cultivators.  Known also as D. hyemalis.

D. GENKWA.—­Japanese Lilac.  Japan, 1866.  This is a rare and beautiful species, of recent introduction, with large lilac-tinted, sweetly-scently flowers.

D. LAUREOLA.—­Spurge Laurel.  This is not, in so far at least as flowers are concerned, a showy species, but the ample foliage and sturdy habit of the plant will always render this native species of value for the shrubbery.  It is of value, too, as growing and flowering freely in the shade.  The flowers are sweetly-scented and of a greenish-yellow colour, and appear about February.

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