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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 154 pages of information about Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs.

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Chrysanthemums and their Culture
By Edwin Molyneux.  Ninth Edition.  By far the best practical work yet
written on this subject. Price 1s.; post free, 1s. 2d.

Vines and Vine Culture.  The best book on Grapes.  By Archibald F. Barron, late Superintendent of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden, Chiswick, and Secretary of the Fruit Committee.—­A New and Cheaper Edition, Revised and Enlarged.  Demy 8vo, Handsomely Bound in Cloth. Price, 5s.; post free, 5s. 3d.

The Carnation:  its History, Properties, and Management, With a descriptive list of the best varieties in cultivation, By the late E.S.  Dodwell.  Third edition, with supplementary chapter on the yellow ground. Price, 1s. 6d.; post free, 1s. 7d.

Ferns and Fern Culture, By J. Birkenhead, F.R.H.S.—­How to grow Ferns, with selections for stove, warm, cool, and cold greenhouses; for baskets, walls, wardian cases, dwelling houses, &c. Price, 1s.

Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs, By A.D.  Webster.  A valuable guide to planters of beautiful trees and shrubs for the adornment of parks and gardens.  Second and cheaper edition. Price 2s.; post free, 2s. 3d.

The Tuberous Begonia:  Its History and Cultivation.  Second Edition, with list of best varieties to 1897.  The best and most comprehensive work on this grand “Flower of the Future.”  Twenty-five Illustrations. Price, 1s.; by post, 1s. 3d.

The Amateur Orchid Grower’s Guide Book, By H.A.  Burberry (Orchid Grower to the Rt.  Hon. J. Chamberlain, M.P.).  Second Edition, with coloured plates.  Containing sound, practical information, and advice for Amateurs, giving a List with Cultural Descriptions of those most suitable for Cool-house, Intermediate-house, and Warm-house Culture, together with a Calendar of Operations and Treatment for each Month of the Year.  In Cloth. Price 5s.; post free, 5s. 3d.

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