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Feb. 1, 1806
June 26, —­
Dec. 11, —­
Wordsworth, William, to Jan. 29, 1807
Oct. 19, 1810
Aug. 9, 1814
Sept. 19, —­
Dec. 28, —­
?  Early
Jan., 1815
April 7, —­
April 28, —­
Aug. 9, —­
April 9, 1816
April 26, —­
Sept. 23, —­
April 26, 1819
June 7, —­
March 20, 1822
Jan., 1823
April 6, 1825
May, —­
Sept. 6, 1826
May, 1828
Jan. 22, 1830
End of
May, 1833
Feb. 27, 1834




      Aders, Charles
        his pictures,
        Lamb’s poem to

      Adventures of Ulysses

      “After Blenheim,” by Southey

      Agricultural Depression, Lamb on

      Ainsworth, W.H. See Letters.
        his dedication to Lamb
        his gift of Syrinx
        and “Faust”

      Aitken, John. See Letters.
        his Cabinet

      Albion, Lamb and the

      Albums, Lamb on

      Album Verses

      “Ali Pacha,” by Howard Payne

      Allen, Robert

      Allsop, Thomas. See Letters.

      Alsager, T.M.

      “Amicus Redivivus”

      “Ancient Mariner, The”

      Anderson, Dr.

      “Angel Help”

      Angerstein, John Julius

      Angling, Lamb and

      Animal poetry

      “Anna.” See Simmons.

      Annual Anthology, The

      Anti-Jacobin, The

      “Antonio,” by Godwin

      Appendix:  Passages from Books referred to by Lamb

      Aquinas, Thomas

      “Ariadne,” by Titian

      Ariel, Lamb as

      Arnold, Samuel James. See Letters.

      “Arthur’s Bower”

      Asbury, J.V. See Letters.
        and Emma Isola
        and Lamb as Ariel

      Asses, old poem on


      Australia, Lamb on

      Authors and Publishers, Lamb on

      Ayrton, William. See Letters.

        Mrs. See Letters.


      Badams, Carlyle’s friend

        Mrs., nee Louisa Holcroft. See Letters.

      Baldwin the publisher

      Ball, Sir Alexander

      “Ballad,” by Lamb

      Bankrupts, Lamb on

      “Barbara S.”

      Barbauld, Mrs.

      Barker, Lieut.  John

      Barnes, Thomas

      Bartholomew Fair

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