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[Moxon, finding The Englishman’s Magazine unsuccessful, gave it up suddenly after the October number, the third under his direction.  His letter to Lamb on the subject is not now forthcoming.  The ludicrous description of a landscape by an R.A. is, I imagine, that of the garden of the Hesperides in the Elia essay on the “Barrenness of the Imaginative Faculty in the Production of Modern Art” (see Vol.  II.).  Probably Turner’s “Garden of the Hesperides” in the National Gallery.

By “Devil’s Money” Lamb means money due for Satan in Search of a Wife.  I do not identify * * * * * *.

“The Rev. Mr. ——.”  I have not identified this gentleman.

“G.D.... penny tract.”  I have not found Dyer’s tract.

“Mr. Aitken.”  John Aitken, editor of Constable’s Miscellany, whom Moxon would have known at Hurst & Co.’s.]



[P.M.  Dec. 15, 1831.]

Dear M. +S.  I know, has an aversion, amounting almost to horror, of H. He would not lend his name.  The other I might wring a guinea from, but he is very properly shy of his guineas.  It would be improper in me to apply to him, and impertinent to the other.  I hope this will satisfy you, but don’t give my reason to H.’s friend, simply, say I decline it.

I am very much obliged to you for thinking of Gary.  Put me down seven shillings (wasn’t it?) in your books, and I set you down for more in my good ones.  One Copy will go down to immortality now, the more lasting as the less its leaves are disturbed.  This Letter will cost you 3d.—­but I did not like to be silent on the above +.

Nothing with my name will sell, a blast is upon it.  Do not think of such a thing, unless ever you become rich enough to speculate.

Being praised, and being bought, are different things to a Book.  Fancy books sell from fashion, not from the number of their real likers.  Do not come at so long intervals.  Here we are sure to be.

[S. and H. I do not identify—­perhaps Southey and Hunt.  Hunt’s need of guineas was chronic.  The reference to Gary is not very clear.  Lamb seems to suggest that he is giving Gary a copy of a book that Gary will not read, but will preserve.

“Nothing with my name.”  Moxon may perhaps have just suggested publishing a second series of Elia.]



[No date. 1832.]

Many thanks for the wrap-rascal, but how delicate the insinuating in, into the pocket, of that 3-1/2d., in paper too!  Who was it?  Amelia, Caroline, Julia, Augusta, or “Scots who have”?

As a set-off to the very handsome present, which I shall lay out in a pot of ale certainly to her health, I have paid sixpence for the mend of two button-holes of the coat now return’d.  She shall not have to say, “I don’t care a button for her.”

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