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“Och, honey, and that’s the thruth for ye,” said the assenting Pat, and together they walked towards the cabin.

Winnie, putting that and that together, made up her mind that Patrick and Biddy had become tired of a life of single blessedness, and were seriously contemplating matrimony, which was, indeed the case; and Biddy, having made known her desires to her mistress, who saw no just cause why they should not be bound together in the holy bands of wedlock, the next Wednesday was set apart when Patrick and Biddy would be made husband and wife.

The day arrived, and Biddy, arrayed in her best snuff-color, with ribbons and laces to match, stood up with him of her choice, to pronounce those vows which should make them one, even though the ceremony should be performed by a Protestant.

“Will you take this woman to be your wedded wife?” spake the reverend gentleman, in a clear, distinct tone.

“Ah! kape on, kape on!” shouted the enraptured Pat; “don’t be throublin yesilf with questions; dear knows it’s mesilf that’s in it;” and his smiling face was mirrored in numerous brass buttons, which were hanging around his buff vest.

As soon as the old gentleman could get his voice again, for the boisterous joy of Pat, be turned to the trembling Biddy.

“Do you take this man to be your lawful husband, and leaving all others, will you cleave unto him alone?”

“Indade, your Riverence!” exclaimed Biddy, “I’ll be afther claving him all the days of me life!  It’s not mesilf, sure, that was always born and reared in the great city of Cork, that’ll be doing things by halves!” and in her happiness she caught Pat around the neck, giving him a smack, which might have been attributed to the opening of the bottle of whiskey with which Mr. Santon had graced the occasion, had it not been for those great eyes of Winnie, which would discover the accident, in spite of their mistress’s endeavors to direct their attention elsewhere.

And now Patrick and Biddy were husband and wife.  Never was there a more devoted couple; the days glided pleasantly on, Biddy keeping time in her endeavors to please her mistress with the joys of her heart; everything went on cheerfully, not a note of discontent was heard, except that the little Winnie would sometimes break into sighing for the pleasures of her early home.  Nothing occurred to disturb the quietude of this home in the West, until early in the ensuing Fall, when Mrs. Santon was taken with a violent attack of Western fever, which threatening to undermine her health, Mr. Santon was fearful lest they should be obliged to return East; but the fever leaving her, she was again able to attend to her duties, with only an occasional “shake,” and the discussion as to their return was for the present discontinued.



  “Go in thy glory o’er the ancient sea,
   Take with thee gentle winds thy sails to swell,
   Sunshine and joy upon thy streamers be;
     Fare thee well, bark; farewell!”

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