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Ernest Favenc
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 272 pages of information about The Explorers of Australia and their Life-work.

Chapter 18.  A.C.  And F.T.  Gregory. 18.1.  A.C.  Gregory on Sturt’s Creek and the Barcoo. 18.2.  Frank T. Gregory.

Chapter 19.  From west to east. 19.1.  Austin. 19.2.  Sir John Forrest. 19.3.  Alexander Forrest.

Chapter 20.  Later western expeditions. 20.1.  Cambridge Gulf and the Kimberley District. 20.2.  Lindsay and the Elder Exploring Expedition. 20.3.  Wells and Carnegie in the Northern Desert. 20.4.  Hann and Brockman in the North-West.




Captain Charles Sturt, aged about 54 years.  From the painting by Crossland.

Gregory Blaxland.  Statue of Gregory Blaxland, Lands Office, Sydney.

George William Evans.  Discoverer of the Macquarie and Lachlan Rivers.

John Oxley.  From a portrait in the possession of Mrs. Oxley, of Bowral.  The portrait was presented to Mrs. King, widow of Governor King, in 1810, and signed by him.

The Lachlan River at the point where Oxley left it on the 4th August, 1818, and struck North-East to gain the Macquarie River and follow that river up to Bathurst.  Photo by the Reverend J.M.  Curran.

Hamilton Hume, in his later life.

Allan Cunningham.

Memorial to Allan Cunningham, Botanical Gardens, Sydney.

The Darling River, at Sturt’s first view point.  Photo by the Reverend J.
Milne Curran.

Junction of the Darling and Murray Rivers.

Sir Thomas Mitchell.

A Chief of the Bogan River Tribe.  Photo by the Reverend J.M.  Curran.

Ludwig Leichhardt.

John Frederick Mann.  Born 1819, died September 7th, 1907, at Sydney.  The last survivor of a Leichhardt expedition.

Edmund B. Kennedy.

Wild Blacks of Cape York signalling.

Frank L. Jardine.

Alec W. Jardine.

Statue of John McDouall Stuart, in the Lands Office, Sydney.

Edward John Eyre.

John Ainsworth Horrocks.

Sturt’s Depot Glen.  The Glen, eroded in vertical silurian slate, is less than a mile long.  Poole rests by the creek where the gorge opens quite abruptly on to a vast cretaceous plain.  Photo by the Reverend J.M.  Curran.

Poole’s Grave and Monument, near Depot Glen, Tibbuburra, New South Wales. 
Photo by the Reverend J.M.  Curran.

B. Herschel Babbage.  Born 1815; died 1878.

John McDouall Stuart.

Robert O’Hara Burke.  From a photograph in the possession of E.J.  Welch, of the Howitt Relief Expedition.

William John Wills.  From a photograph in the possession of E.J.  Welch, of the Howitt Relief Expedition.

Scenes on Cooper’s Creek (After Howitt). 1.  Burke’s Grave. 2.  Where King was Found. 3.  Grave of Wills.

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