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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 70 pages of information about The Village in the Mountains; Conversion of Peter Bayssiere; and History of a Bible.

But what did more to make religion respected in that house, was the practice of family prayer.  I was brought out night and morning, and permitted to speak before all the family, which was seated around the room in a respectful and attentive attitude.  I seldom spoke with more effect than on these occasions.  I addressed every member of the family in their turn.  I commanded the parents to treat their children with mildness, and the children to obey their parents.  I told the little ones that Christ took little children in his arms and blessed them; and bade the servants do their duty to their master, and the master to be kind to his servants.  And when my instructions were finished, all in the house united in singing a hymn to God; and I believe they sometimes made melody in their hearts.  When they had sung, my master would kneel and offer up a humble prayer to God.  These exercises caused harmony to prevail throughout a numerous family.  I observed also that although the inhabitants of the island did not relish my master’s piety, yet he every day obtained more and more of their respect, as his piety increased.

I have lived many years, and have seen all those children grown up (I believe through my instructions) in the fear of the Lord.  I was by the bed-side of their parents when the messenger Death came to call them away.  I spoke to them of the joys of heaven, and of its inhabitants, who sing praise to the Lamb, and cease not day nor night.  They cried, “Lord Jesus, come quickly,” and ascended to glory.

I have always been a faithful friend to all who have sought acquaintance with me.  I will be faithful to thee, reader!  I will show thee the only path that leads through this world to heaven.  Follow my instructions, and you will arrive there in safety.


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