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NORTHERN WHIG.—­“Shrewdness of observation, with not a little humour and a real literary gift, mark the story of Our Stolen Summer.”

THE BOOKMAN.—­“Mrs. Boyd writes with so much brightness, such vivacity and picturesqueness of style, that although the volume runs to close upon four hundred pages there is not a dull page among them.  The success of Our Stolen Summer, however, is due as much to the artist as to the author; and praise must be equally divided.  Mr. Boyd’s sketches are spirited, clever, full of humour and sympathetic observation.  Without a word of letter-press they would have formed an excellent travel-book; taken in conjunction with Mrs. Boyd’s narrative they are irresistible.”


Illustrated by A.S.  Boyd




Extracts from Reviews

THE TIMES.—­“The characters whom Stevenson had in his mind’s eye are all cleverly pictured, and the drawings may be truthfully said to illustrate the writer’s ideas—­a quality that seldom resides in illustrations....  All are faithfully presented as only one who has known them intimately could present them....  Mr. Boyd’s talent for black-and-white work has never found happier expression.”

MORNING POST.—­“It is impossible to imagine anything more likely to appeal to the sentiment of the Scottish people throughout the world than this series of pictures, instinct with the spirit of their land.”

DAILY TELEGRAPH.—­“One of the happiest combinations of author and artist which has been seen of late years.  Mr. Boyd has entered thoroughly into the spirit of the lines, and his figures are instinct with graceful humour.”

DAILY CHRONICLE.—­“Mr. Boyd is to be congratulated (as R. L. S. would assuredly have granted) upon interpreting so vividly a notable feature in the national life of Scotland.”

ATHENAEUM.—­“The task of illustrating Stevenson’s verses was most difficult, because it demands from the artist knowledge of local circumstances and characteristic details.  Mr. Boyd’s success in making us see so plainly the moods and manners of the ‘restin’ ploughman’ while he ‘daundered’ in his garden and ‘raxed his limbs’ is the more to be enjoyed and praised.”

PALL MALL GAZETTE.—­“Followers of the master will appreciate this beautiful book for its accurate interpretation of the poem as well as for its excellent drawing.”

ST. JAMES’S GAZETTE.—­“There is plenty of good Scotch character in the illustrations, and a quiet observation of the humours of a parish, with such annals as those recorded by Gait.”

ACADEMY.—­“An attractive book.”

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