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MORNING POST.—­“If the encouragement of globe-trotting be a virtuous action, then certainly Mrs. Stuart Boyd has deserved well of her country.  To read her book is to conceive an insensate desire to be off and away on ‘the long trail’ at all hazards and at all costs....  Mr. Boyd’s illustrations add greatly to the interest and charm of the book.  There is movement, atmosphere, and sunshine in them.”

STANDARD.—­“Mrs. Boyd went with her husband round the world, and the latter—­an artist with a sense of humour—­kept his hand in practice by making droll sketches of people encountered by the way, which heighten the charm of his wife’s vivacious description of a Stolen Summer.  Mrs. Boyd has quick eyes and an open mind, and writes with sense and sensibility.”

DAILY TELEGRAPH.—­“It is not so much what Mrs. Boyd has to tell as the invariable good humour and brightness with which she records even the most familiar things that makes the charm of her excellent diary.”

DAILY CHRONICLE.—­“Mrs. Boyd has written the log with sparkle and observation—­seeing many things that the mere man-traveller would miss.  Mr. Boyd’s sketches are, of course, excellent.”

PALL MALL GAZETTE.—­“Mrs. Boyd writes with so much buoyancy, and her humour is so unexpected and unfailing, that it is safe to say that there is not a dull page from first to last in this record of a tour round the world...  Mr. A.S.  Boyd’s numerous illustrations show him at his very best.”

GLOBE.—­“A work to acquire as well as to peruse.”

WESTMINSTER GAZETTE.—­“The narrative from beginning to end does not contain a dull page.  Of Mr. Boyd’s numerous sketches it is only necessary to say that they are excellent.  Altogether Our Stolen Summer will be found to be one of the most fascinating of recent books of travel.”

SUNDAY TIMES.—­“Brilliantly and entertainingly written, and liberally illustrated by an acknowledged master of the art of black and white.”

SCOTSMAN.—­“A beautiful and fascinating book....  Pen and pencil sketches alike have grace, nerve, and humour, and are alive with human interest and observation.”

GLASGOW HERALD.—­“One of the most delightful travel-books of recent times....  Mrs. Boyd’s volume must commend itself to people who contemplate visiting the other side of the globe and to all stay-at-home travellers as well.”

DAILY FREE PRESS.—­“Mrs. Boyd is an admirable descriptive writer—­observant, humorous, and sympathetic.  Without illustrations, Our Stolen Summer would be a notable addition to the literature of travel; with Mr. Boyd’s collaboration it is almost unique.”

LEEDS MERCURY.—­“Vivacious and diverting record.”

YORKSHIRE DAILY POST.—­“For such a book there could be nothing but praise if one wrote columns about it.”

BIRMINGHAM DAILY POST.—­“A singularly happy and interesting record of a most enjoyable tour.”

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