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THE WORLD.—­“To be able to go round the world nowadays, and write a descriptive record of the tour that is vivid and fresh is a positive literary feat.  It has been successfully accomplished in Our Stolen Summer by Mrs. Boyd, who with no ulterior object in making a book journeyed over four continents in company with her husband, and picked up en route matter for one of the pleasantest, most humorous, and least pretentious books of travel we have read for many a day.  It is admirably illustrated by Mr. A.S.  Boyd, whose sense of humour happily matches that of his observant wife, and the reader who can lay aside this picturesque and truly delightful volume without sincere regret must have a dull and dreary mind.”

PUNCH.—­“Our Stolen Summer is calculated to lead to wholesale breakage of the Eighth Commandment.  Certainly, my Baronite, reading the fascinating record of a roundabout tour, feels prompted to steal away.  Mary Stuart Boyd, who pens the record, has the great advantage of the collaboration of A.S.B., whose signature is familiar in Mr. Punch’s Picture Gallery....  A charming book.”

SPECTATOR.—­“The writer, by the help of a ready pen and of the pencil of a skilful illustrator, has given us in this handsome volume a number of attractive pictures of distant places....  It is good to read and pleasant to look at.”

TRUTH.—­“You will find no pleasanter holiday reading than Our Stolen Summer.”

ACADEMY.—­“A fresh record, and worth the reading.  Of such is Mrs. Boyd’s volume, which her husband has illustrated profusely with spirited line drawings.”

FIELD.—­“One of the brightest books of travel that it has been our good fortune to read.  The illustrations deserve a notice to themselves.  They are far and away better than those which we usually get in books of this kind, and we do not know that we can bestow higher praise on them than to say that they are worthy of the letterpress which they illustrate.”

LAND AND WATER.—­“A delightful sketch of a delightful journey.... Our Stolen Summer is a book which will be read with equal delight on a lazy summer holiday, or in the heart of London when the streets are enveloped in fog and the rain is beating against the window panes.  Mr. Boyd’s sketches are simply admirable.”

SPHERE.—­“A delightful record of travel.  Mrs. Boyd is never dull, and there is plenty of acute observation throughout her pleasant story of travel.  My Boyd’s illustrations which appear on practically every page, are, it need scarcely be said, up to the high level that is already familiar to students of his black-and-white work.”

LADIES’ FIELD.—­“A singularly delightful and unaffected book of travel.”

MADAME.—­“One of the most delightful books of travel it has been our good fortune to read.”

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