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And so wonderful did it seem to the wise man, that he took the fern leaf home with him and placed it in his cabinet where all could admire it; and where, if they were thoughtful and clever enough, they could think out the story for themselves and find the lesson which was hidden away with the fern in the bit of rock.

Lesson! did I say?  Well, let’s not call it a lesson, but only a truth which it will do every one of us good to remember; and that is, that none of the beauty in this fair world around us, nor anything that is sweet and lovely in our own hearts, and lives, will ever be useless and lost.  For, as the little fern leaf lay hidden away for years and years, and yet finally was found by the wise man and given a place with his other rare and precious possessions where it could still, though silently, aid those who looked upon it; so we, as boys and girls, men and women who are to be, can now, day by day, cultivate all lovely traits of character, making ourselves ready to take our place in the world’s work.  And when that time comes we shall not only be able to aid others silently, as did the little fern, but may also, by word and deed, lend a hand to each and every one around us.

Mara L. Pratt.

From “Fairyland of Flowers.”  The Educational Publishing Co.

* * * * *

Break up the following words into their syllables, and place the accent mark where it belongs in each: 

outline, tracery, cabinet, delicate, finally, character, hundreds, centuries, remember, beautiful, possessions.  Show the correct use of the words in original sentences.  The dictionary will help you in the work.

Name some of the traits of character that will help a boy or a girl to be truly successful in life.

* * * * *

Memory Gems: 

       The child is father of the man;
       And I could wish my days to be
       Bound each to each by natural piety.


Truth alone makes life rich and great.


There is a tongue in every leaf—­
A voice in every rill—­
A voice that speaketh everywhere—­
In flood and fire, through earth and air,
A tongue that’s never still.


* * * * *


blithe whistler mellow replied cheery skylark


As I went down the street to-day,
I saw a little lad
Whose face was just the kind of face
To make a person glad. 
It was so plump and rosy-cheeked,
So cheerful and so bright,
It made me think of apple-time. 
And filled me with delight.

I saw him busy at his work,
While blithe as skylark’s song
His merry, mellow whistle rang
The pleasant street along. 
“Oh, that’s the kind of lad I like!”
I thought as I passed by;
“These busy, cheery, whistling boys
Make grand men by and by.”

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