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[^o] as in lord—­l[^o]rd

[)o] as in not—­n[)o]t

[.o] ([)u]) as in son—­s[.o]n

[o.] ([u.]) as in wolf—­w[o.]lf

[o:] ([=oo]) as in do—­d[o:]

oa ([=o]) as in boat—­b[=o]at

[=oo] ([o:]) as in moon—­m[=oo]n

[)oo] ([o.]) as in foot—­f[)oo]t

[=u] as in pure—­p[=u]re

[)u] as in cup—­c[)u]p

[^u] as in burn—­b[^u]rn

[u.] ([o.]) as in full—­f[u.]ll

[u:] as in rude—­r[u:]de

ew ([=u]) as in new

[=y] ([=i] as in fly—­fl[=y]

[)y] ([)i]) as in hymn—­h[)y]mn

[y] ([e]) as in myrrh—­m[y]rrh


c (s) as in cent

c (k) as in cat

ce (sh) as in ocean

ch (k) as in school

ch (sh) as in machine

ci (sh) as in gracious

dg (j) as in edge

ed (d) as in burned

ed (t) as in baked

f (v) as in of

g (hard) as in get

g (j) as in gem

gh (f) as in laugh

n (ng) as in ink

ph (f) as in sulphur

qu (kw) as in queen

s (z) as in has

s (sh) as in sure

s (zh) as in pleasure

ssi (sh) as in passion

si (zh) as in occasion

ti (sh) as in nation

wh (hw) as in when

x (z) as in Xavier

x (ks) as in tax

x (gz) as in exist

* * * * *



LANGUAGE is the expression of thought by means of words.

WORDS, with respect to their origin, are divided into primitive and derivative; and with respect to their composition, into simple and compound.

A PRIMITIVE word is one that is not derived from another word.

A DERIVATIVE word is one that is formed from another word by means of prefixes or suffixes, or by some other change.

A SIMPLE word is one that consists of a single significant term.

A COMPOUND word is one made up of two or more simple words.

A SENTENCE is a combination of words which make complete sense.

A SYLLABLE is a word or a part of a word pronounced by one effort of the voice.

The DIAERESIS is the mark [..] placed over the second of two adjacent vowels, to denote that they are to be pronounced as distinct letters; as REECHO.


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