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For additional suggestions as to the best means of teaching Reading and Language, teachers are referred to Chapters II and IV, Part IV, of “Elements of Practical Pedagogy,” by the Christian Brothers, and published by the La Salle Bureau of Supplies, 50 Second Street, New York.

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Acknowledgments are gratefully made to the following authors, publishers, and owners of copyright, who have courteously granted permission to use the selections which bear their names: 

“Mercedes,” Miss Eleanor C. Donnelly, Miss Mary Boyle O’Reilly, Miss Kate Putnam Osgood, Miss P.C.  Donnelly, Mrs. Margaret E. Sangster, Mr. Denis A. McCarthy, Mr. James Whitcomb Riley, Mr. George Cooper, Mr. J.T.  Trowbridge, “Rev. Richard W. Alexander;” University of Notre Dame; The Ladies’ Home Journal; Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.; The Educational Publishing Co.; Little, Brown & Co.; The Bobbs-Merrill Co.; P.J.  Kenedy & Sons; The Hinds & Noble Co.; Charles Scribner’s Sons.

The selections from Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, Hawthorne, Fields, Trowbridge, Phoebe Cary, Charles Dudley Warner, are used by permission of, and by special arrangement with, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., publishers of the works of these authors, and to these gentlemen are tendered expressions of sincere thanks.

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NOTE.—­This Guide is given to aid the pupil in the use of the dictionary, and will be found to cover all ordinary cases.  In the diacritical marking, as in accentuation and syllabication, Webster’s International Dictionary has been taken as authority.


(Transcriber’s Note:  Equivalent sound shown within round brackets.)

[=a] as in gate—­g[=a]te

[^a] as in care—­c[^a]re

[)a] as in cat—­c[)a]t

[.a] as in ask—­[.a]sk

[a.] ([)o]) as in what—­wh[a.]t

[:a] as in car—­c[:a]r

[a:] as in all—­[a:]ll

ai ([^a]) as in air—­[^a]ir

ai ([=a]) as in aim—­[=a]im

au ([:a]) as in aunt—­[:a]unt

[=e] as in eve—­[=e]ve

[)e] as in end—­[)e]nd

[e] as in her—­h[e]r

[^e] as in there—­th[^e]re

[e=] ([=a]) as in they—­th[e=]y

ea ([=e]) as in ear—­[=e]ar

ei ([=e]) as in receive—­rec[=e]ive

[=i] as in ice—­[=i]ce

[)i] as in pin—­p[)i]n

[i] ([e]) as in bird—­b[i]rd

[:i] ([=e]) as in police—­pol[:i]ce

i[e=] ([=e]) as in chief—­chi[=e]f

[=o] as in old—­[=o]ld

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