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On his homeward trip, it is related that being hailed by a British man-of-war with the usual questions as to the name of his ship, captain, and destination, he gave the following bold and characteristic reply:  “This is the United States ship Alliance:  Jack Barry, half Irishman and half Yankee, commander:  who are you?” In the engagement that followed, Barry and his band of heroes performed such deeds of valor that after a few hours of terrific cannonading, the English ship was forced to strike its colors and surrender to the “half Irishman and half Yankee.”

This illustrious man, who was the first that bore the title of Commodore in the service of our Republic, continued at the head of our infant Navy till his death, which took place in Philadelphia, on the 13th of September, 1803.  During life he was generous and charitable, and at his death made the children of the Catholic Orphan Asylum of Philadelphia the chief recipients of his wealth.  His remains repose in the little graveyard attached to St. Mary’s Catholic church.

Through the generous patriotism of the “Friendly Sons of St. Patrick,” a society of which General Washington himself was a member, a magnificent monument was erected to the memory of Commodore Barry, in Independence Square, Philadelphia, under the shadow of Independence Hall, the cradle of American liberty.  Miss Elise Hazel Hepburn, a great-great-grandniece of the Commodore, had a prominent part at the ceremonies of the unveiling, which took place on Saint Patrick’s Day, 1907.

* * * * *

There are gallant hearts whose glory
Columbia loves to name,
Whose deeds shall live in story
And everlasting fame. 
But never yet one braver
Our starry banner bore
Than saucy old Jack Barry,
The Irish Commodore.

What is meant by the Congress of the U.S.?  What two bodies compose it? 
What is the number of senators, and how are they chosen?

Which was the most notable sea fight of Commodore John Paul Jones?

Where did Admiral Dewey specially distinguish himself?  And Admiral

What countries does the island of Great Britain comprise?

What does “never struck his flag” mean?

Name the capes of the Delaware.  Locate Newfoundland.

Recite the two famous replies of Commodore Barry given in the selection.


* * * * *


sau’ cy ig nored’ rev’ eled plain’ tive dis traught’ wea’ ri some rol’ lick ing mis’ chie vous frec’kle-faced


He was the boy of the house, you know,
A jolly and rollicking lad;
He was never tired, and never sick,
And nothing could make him sad.

Did some one urge that he make less noise,
He would say, with a saucy grin,
“Why, one boy alone doesn’t make much stir—­
I’m sorry I am not a twin!”

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