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is brought from Saboea[6], 800 leagues distant.  Aloes-wood, rhubarb, camphor, and calinga, is sent from the country of Chiva[7], 4000 leagues from Calicut.  Myrrh from the province of Fastica[8], 700 leagues distant.  Calicut produces zeromba[9]; and Cananore sends cardamoms, being only twelve leagues distant.  Long pepper is found in Same[10].  Benzoin from Zan, 700 miles from Calicut.  Zedoary is produced in the territory of Calicut.  Lac comes from the city of Samoterra[11], 500 leagues distant.  Brasil wood from the region of Tannazar_, 500 leagues.  Opium from the coast of Adde, 700 leagues.

[1] This Section is taken from the Novus Orbus of Grynaeus, p 63. in
    which it forms part of the navigations from Lisbon to Calicut,
    attributed to the pen of Aloysius Cadamosto.  The information it
    contains respecting the principal commodities then brought from India
    to Europe, and their prices, is curious:  Yet there is some reason to
    suspect that the author, or editor rather, has sometimes interchanged
    the bahar and the faracula, or its twentieth part, in the weights of
    the commodities.  Several of the names of things and places are
    unintelligible, probably from corrupt transcription.—­E.

[2] Meluza may possibly be the city of Malacca, then a great emporium of
    Indian trade; but it is impossible to reconcile or explain Meluza in
    Cananore twelve leagues from Calicut, and Meluza 740 leagues from

[3] This may possibly refer to the island of Ramisseram in the straits of
    Manaar, between Ceylon and the Coromandel coast, near which the famous
    pearl fishery is still carried on.—­E.

[4] Evidently Cambaya or Guzerat.—­E.

[5] Probably Cassia lignea, or in rolled up bark like twigs, to
    distinguish it from the drug called Cassia fistula.—­E.

[6] Perhaps the coast of Habesh on the Red Sea.—­E.

[7] Probably a typographical error for China.—­E.

[8] Alluding to some part of the coast of Arabia.—­E.

[9] Perhaps Zedoary, repeated afterwards under its right name.—­E.

[10] Same and Zan probably are meant to indicate some of the Indian
    islands.  Same may be Sumatra.  Zan may be some port in Zangibar, on the
    eastern coast of Africa.—­E.

[11] Samoterra probably alludes to some port in the Bay of Bengal. 
    Tannazar, almost certainly Tanaserim in Siam.  Adde, probably is Adel
    or Aden in Arabia.—­E.

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