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The Jalofs and Foulahs inhabit the country between the Senegal and Gambia, on which latter river the Feloops reside.  What is meant by Tukhusor in the text does not appear, unless it may obscurely indicate Karta.—­E.


Continuation of the Voyage to the country of a King named Budomel, with some account of his Territory, and the Manners of his People.

Having passed the river Senegal, we sailed about 800 miles farther south along the coast, which was all low land without mountains, till we came to the territory or kingdom of Budomel[1].  As some Portuguese, who had dealt with Budomel, represented him as a very just person, who paid for any goods he might receive, and might therefore be confided in, I stopped at his country, that I might endeavour to dispose of some Spanish horses I had on board, which are in great request among the Negroes; besides which, I had some cloth, Moorish wrought silks, and other commodities for sale.  We came, therefore to anchor, at a place on the coast, called Palma di Budomel, which is only an open roadstead, and not a port.  I immediately dispatched my negro interpreter on shore to inform this lord of my arrival, and of the goods I had on board for sale.  Not long afterwards Budomel came himself to the beach, attended by about fifteen horsemen and an hundred and fifty foot, and sent a message desiring me to land, with professions of a friendly disposition, and promising to render me every attention and service in his power.  I went accordingly on shore immediately, and was received with great civility.  After some discourse, I delivered to him seven horses, with their furniture; and every other article for which he expressed an inclination, all of which had cost me 300 ducats, trusting to his honour for payment, which was to be in slaves, and which he promised to deliver at his own residence, which was twenty-five miles distant from the shore, whither he invited me to accompany him.  To this invitation I readily agreed, induced as much by a desire of seeing the country, as on account of receiving payment.  Before setting out however, Budomel made me a present of a beautiful negress, about twelve years of age, who, he said, was meant to serve me in the cabin; and I received the gift, and sent her on board the caravel.

I was furnished by Budomel with horses and every thing necessary for the journey; and when we arrived within four miles of his residence, he gave me in charge to his nephew Bisboror, who was lord of a small town or village at which we stopped.  Bisboror took me to his own house, where I was treated with much civility and attention, during twenty-eight days which I tarried in that place.  This was in November 1455.  In that time I went often to visit Budomel, accompanied by his nephew, and had many opportunities to observe the produce of the country, and the manners of the inhabitants, more especially as, on account

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