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Walking, shooting, swimming, &c. good against melancholy


1.  His elder brother was William Burton, the Leicestershire antiquary, born
   24th August, 1575, educated at Sutton Coldfield, admitted commoner, or
   gentleman commoner, of Brazen Nose College, 1591; at the Inner Temple,
   20th May, 1593; B. A. 22d June, 1594; and afterwards a barrister and
   reporter in the Court of Common Pleas.  “But his natural genius,” says
   Wood, “leading him to the studies of heraldry, genealogies, and
   antiquities, he became excellent in those obscure and intricate matters;
   and look upon him as a gentleman, was accounted, by all that knew him,
   to be the best of his time for those studies, as may appear by his
   ‘Description of Leicestershire.’” His weak constitution not permitting
   him to follow business, he retired into the country, and his greatest
   work, “The Description of Leicestershire,” was published in folio, 1623. 
   He died at Falde, after suffering much in the civil war, 6th April,
   1645, and was buried in the parish church belonging thereto, called

2.  This is Wood’s account.  His will says, Nuneaton; but a passage in this
   work [see fol. 304,] mentions Sutton Coldfield; probably he may have
   been at both schools.

3.  So in the Register.

4.  So in the Register.

5.  Originating, perhaps, in a note, p. 448, 6th edit. (p. 455 of the
   present), in which a book is quoted as having been “printed at Paris
   1624, seven years after Burton’s first edition.”  As, however, the
   editions after that of 1621, are regularly marked in succession to the
   eighth, printed in 1676, there seems very little reason to doubt that,
   in the note above alluded to, either 1624 has been a misprint for 1628,
   or seven years for three years.  The numerous typographical errata in
   other parts of the work strongly aid this latter supposition.

6.  Haec comice dicta cave ne male capias.

7.  Seneca in ludo in mortem Claudii Caesaris.

8.  Lib. de Curiositate.

9.  Modo haec tibi usui sint, quemvis auctorem fingito.  Wecker.

10.  Lib. 10, c. 12.  Multa a male feriatis in Democriti nomine commenta
    data, nobilitatis, auctoritatisque ejus perfugio utentibus.

11.  Martialis. lib. 10, epigr. 14.

12.  Juv. sat. 1.

13.  Auth.  Pet.  Besseo edit.  Coloniae, 1616.

14.  Hip.  Epist.  Dameget.

15.  Laert. lib 9.

16.  Hortulo sibi cellulam seligens, ibique seipsum includens, vixit

17.  Floruit Olympiade 80; 700 annis post Troiam.

18.  Diacos. quod cunctis operibus facile excellit.  Laert.

19.  Col. lib. 1. c. 1.

20.  Const. lib. de agric. passim.

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