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Subterranean devils

Supernatural causes of melancholy

Superstitious effects, symptoms; how it domineers

Surfeiting and drunkenness taxed

Suspicion and jealousy symptoms of melancholy; how caused

Swallows, cuckoos, &c., where are they in winter

Sweet tunes and singing causes of love-melancholy

Symptoms or signs of melancholy in the body; mind; from stars, members; from education, custom, continuance of time, mixed with other diseases; symptoms of head melancholy; of hypochondriacal melancholy; of the whole body; symptoms of nuns’, maids’, widows’ melancholy; immediate causes of melancholy symptoms; symptoms of love-melancholy; symptoms of a lover pleased; dejected; Symptoms of jealousy; of religious melancholy; of despair




Tale of a prebend

Tarantula’s stinging effects

Taste what

Temperament a cause of love-melancholy

Tempestuous air, dark and fuliginous, how cause of melancholy

Terrestrial devils

Terrors and affrights cause melancholy

Theologasters censured

The best cure of love-melancholy is to let them, have their desire

Tobacco approved, censured

Toleration, religious

Torments of love

Transmigration of souls

Travelling commended, good against melancholy; for love-melancholy especially

Tutors cause melancholy


Uncharitable men described

Understanding defined, divided

Unfortunate marriages’ effects

Unkind friends cause melancholy

Unlawful cures of melancholy rejected

Upstarts censured, their symptoms

Urine of melancholy persons



Vainglory described a cause of melancholy

Valour and courage caused by love

Variation of the compass, where

Variety of meats and dishes cause melancholy

Variety of mistresses and objects a cure of melancholy

Variety of weather, air, manners, countries, whence, &c.

Variety of places, change of air, good against melancholy

Vegetal soul and its faculties

Vegetal creatures in love

Veins described

Venus rectified

Venery a cause of melancholy

Venison a melancholy meat

Vices of women

Violent misery continues not

Violent death, event of love-melancholy; prognostic of despair; by some defended; how to be censured

Virginity, by what signs to be known; commended

Virtue and vice, principal habits of the will

Vitex or agnus castus good against love-melancholy


Waking cause of melancholy; a symptom; cured

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