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Hemorrhage cause of melancholy

Hemorrhoids stopped cause of melancholy

Herbs causing melancholy; curing melancholy

Hereditary diseases

Heretics their conditions; their symptoms

Heroical love’s pedigree, power, extent; definition, part affected; tyranny

Hippocrates’ jealousy

Honest objects of love

Hope a cure of misery; its benefits

Hope and fear, the Devil’s main engines to entrap the world

Hops good against melancholy

Horseleeches how and when used in melancholy

Hot countries apt and prone to jealousy

How oft ’tis fit to eat in a day

How to resist passions

How men fall in love

Humours, what they are

Hydrophobia described

Hypochondriacal melancholy; its causes inward, outward; symptom; cure of it

Hypochondries misaffected, causes

Hypocrites described


Idleness a main cause of melancholy; of love-melancholy; of jealousy

Ignorance the mother of devotion

Ignorance commended

Ignorant persons still circumvented

Imagination what; its force and effects

Imagination of the mother affects her infant

Immaterial melancholy

Immortality of the soul proved; impugned by whom

Impediments of lovers

Importunity and opportunity cause of love-melancholy; of jealousy

Imprisonment cause of melancholy

Impostures of devils; of politicians; of priests

Impotency a cause of jealousy

Impulsive cause of man’s misery

Incubi and succubi

Inconstancy of lovers

Inconstancy a sign of melancholy

Infirmities of body and mind, what grievances they cause

Injuries and abuses rectified

Instrumental causes of diseases

Instrumental cause of man’s misery

Interpreters of dreams

Inundation’s fury

Inventions resulting from love

Inward causes of melancholy

Inward senses described

Issues when used in melancholy


Jealousy a symptom of melancholy; defined, described; of princes; of brute beasts; causes of it; symptoms of it; prognostics; cure of it

Jests how and when to be used

Jews’ religious symptoms

Joy in excess cause of melancholy


Kings and princes’ discontents

Kissing a main cause of love-melancholy; a symptom of love-melancholy


Labour, business, cure of love-melancholy; Lapis Armenus, its virtues against melancholy

Lascivious meats to be avoided

Laughter, its effects

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