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Bodily exercises

Books of all sorts

Borage and bugloss, sovereign herbs against melancholy; their wines and juice most excellent

Boring of the head, a cure for melancholy

Brain distempered, how cause of melancholy; his parts anatomised

Bread and beer, how causes of melancholy

Brow and forehead, which are most pleasing

Brute beasts jealous

Business the best cure of love-melancholy


Cardan’s father conjured up seven devils at once; had a spirit bound to him

Cards and dice censured, approved

Care’s effects

Carp fish’s nature

Cataplasms and cerates for melancholy

Cause of diseases

Causes immediate of melancholy symptoms

Causes of honest love; of heroical love; of jealousy

Cautions against jealousy

Centaury good against melancholy

Charles the Great enforced to love basely by a philter

Change of countenance, sign of love-melancholy

Charity described; defects of it

Character of a covetous man

Charles the Sixth, king of France, mad for anger

Chemical physic censured

Chess-play censured

Chiromantical signs of melancholy

Chirurgical remedies of melancholy

Choleric melancholy signs

Chorus sancti Viti, a disease

Circumstances increasing jealousy

Cities’ recreations

Civil lawyers’ miseries

Climes and particular places, how causes of love-melancholy

Clothes a mere cause of good respect

Clothes causes of love-melancholy

Clysters good for melancholy

Coffee, a Turkey cordial drink

Cold air cause of melancholy

Comets above the moon

Compound alteratives censured, approved; compound purgers of melancholy; compound wines for melancholy

Community of wives a cure of jealousy

Compliment and good carriage causes of love-melancholy

Confections and conserves against melancholy

Confession of his grief to a friend, a principal cure of melancholy

Confidence in his physician half a cure

Conjugal love best

Conscience what it is

Conscience troubled, a cause of despair

Continual cogitation of his mistress a symptom of love-melancholy

Contention, brawling, lawsuits, effects

Continent or inward causes of melancholy

Content above all, whence to be had

Contention’s cure

Cookery taxed

Copernicus, his hypothesis of the earth’s motion

Correctors of accidents in melancholy

Correctors to expel windiness, and costiveness helped

Cordials against melancholy

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