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cap. 7. in Convivium Platonis, “will have the blood to be the part affected.”  Jo.  Frietagius, cap. 14. noct. med. supposeth all four affected, heart, liver, brain, blood; but the major part concur upon the brain, [4760]’tis imaginatio laesa; and both imagination and reason are misaffected;, because of his corrupt judgment, and continual meditation of that which he desires, he may truly be said to be melancholy.  If it be violent, or his disease inveterate, as I have determined in the precedent partitions, both imagination and reason are misaffected, first one, then the other.


SUBSECT.  I.—­Causes of Heroical Love, Temperature, full Diet, Idleness, Place, Climate, &c.

Of all causes the remotest are stars. [4761]Ficinus cap. 19. saith they are most prone to this burning lust, that have Venus in Leo in their horoscope, when the Moon and Venus be mutually aspected, or such as be of Venus’ complexion. [4762]Plutarch interprets astrologically that tale of Mars and Venus, “in whose genitures [Symbol:  Mars] and [Symbol:  Mars] are in conjunction,” they are commonly lascivious, and if women queans; as the good wife of Bath confessed in Chaucer;

       I followed aye mine inclination,
        By virtue of my constellation

But of all those astrological aphorisms which I have ever read, that of Cardan is most memorable, for which howsoever he is bitterly censured by [4763]Marinus Marcennus, a malapert friar, and some others (which [4764] he himself suspected) yet methinks it is free, downright, plain and ingenious.  In his [4765]eighth Geniture, or example, he hath these words of himself, [Symbol:  Mars] [Symbol:  Mars] and [Symbol:  Mercury] in [Symbol:  Mercury] dignitatibus assiduam mihi Venereorum cogitationem praestabunt, ita ut nunquam quiescam. Et paulo post, Cogitatio Venereorum me torquet perpetuo, et quam facto implere non licuit, aut fecisse potentem puduit, cogitatione assidua mentitus sum voluptatem.  Et alibi, ob [Symbol:  Moon-3/4] et [Symbol:  Mercury] dominium et radiorum mixtionem, profundum fuit ingenium, sed lascivum, egoque turpi libidini deditus et obscaenus. So far Cardan of himself, quod de se fatetur ideo [4766]ut utilitatem adferat studiosis hujusce disciplinae, and for this he is traduced by Marcennus, when as in effect he saith no more than what Gregory Nazianzen of old, to Chilo his scholar, offerebant se mihi visendae mulieres, quarum praecellenti elegantia et decore spectabili tentabatur meae. integritas pudicitiae.  Et quidem flagitium vitavi fornicationis, at munditiae virginalis florem arcana cordis cogitatione foedavi.  Sed ad rem. Aptiores ad masculinam venerem sunt quorum genesi Venus est in signo masculino, et in Saturni finibus aut oppositione, &c.  Ptolomeus in quadripart. plura de his et specialia habet aphorismata, longo proculdubio usu confirmata, et ab

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