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Causes, Subs. 2.
From others
The devil’s allurements, false miracles, priests for their
gain.  Politicians to keep men in obedience, bad
instructors, blind guides.
or from themselves. 
Simplicity, fear, ignorance, solitariness, melancholy,
curiosity, pride, vainglory, decayed image of God.

Symptoms, Subs. 3.
Zeal without knowledge, obstinacy, superstition, strange
devotion, stupidity, confidence, stiff defence of their
tenets, mutual love and hate of other sects, belief of
incredibilities, impossibilities.
or Particular. 
Of heretics, pride, contumacy, contempt of others,
wilfulness, vainglory, singularity, prodigious paradoxes. 
In superstitious blind zeal, obedience, strange works,
fasting, sacrifices, oblations, prayers, vows,
pseudomartyrdom, mad and ridiculous customs, ceremonies,
In pseudoprophets, visions, revelations, dreams, prophecies,
new doctrines, &c., of Jews, Gentiles, Mahometans, &c.

Prognostics, Subs. 4.
New doctrines, paradoxes, blasphemies, madness, stupidity,
despair, damnation.

Cures, Subs. 5.
By physic, if need be, conference, good counsel, persuasion,
compulsion, correction, punishment. Quaeritur an cogi debent? 

In defect, as Memb. 2.

Secure, void of grace and fears. 
Epicures, atheists, magicians, hypocrites, such as have
cauterised consciences, or else are in a reprobate sense,
worldly-secure, some philosophers, impenitent sinners, Subs.

or Distrustful, or too timorous, as desperate.  In despair consider,
Causes, Subs. 2.
The devil and his allurements, rigid preachers, that wound
their consciences, melancholy, contemplation, solitariness. 
How melancholy and despair differ.  Distrust, weakness of
faith.  Guilty conscience for offence committed,
misunderstanding, &c.

Symptoms, Subs. 3.
Fear, sorrow, anguish of mind, extreme tortures and horror of
conscience, fearful dreams, conceits, visions, &c.

Prognostics; Blasphemy, violent death, Subs. 4.

Cures, Subs. 5.
Physic, as occasion serves, conference, not to be idle or
alone.  Good counsel, good company, all comforts and
contents, &c. [Subs. 6.]


The Preface.

There will not be wanting, I presume, one or other that will much discommend some part of this treatise of love-melancholy, and object (which [4414]Erasmus in his preface to Sir Thomas More suspects of his) “that it is too light for a divine, too comical a subject to speak of love symptoms, too fantastical, and fit alone for a wanton poet, a feeling young lovesick gallant, an effeminate courtier, or some such idle

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