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Cure of melancholy is either

Sect 1. General to all, which contains

Unlawful means forbidden,

Memb. 1. From the devil, magicians, witches, &c., by charms,
spells, incantations, &c.

Quest. 1. Whether they can cure this, or other such like
Quest. 2. Whether, if they can so cure, it be lawful to
seek to them for help?

or Lawful means, which are

Memb. 2. Immediately from God, a Jove principium by prayer
Memb. 3.  Quest. 1. Whether saints and their relics can help
this infirmity?
Quest. 2. Whether it be lawful to sue to them for aid.

or Memb. 4. Mediately by Nature which concerns and works by
Subsect. 1. Physician, in whom is required science,
confidence, honesty, &c.
Subsect. 2. Patient, in whom is required obedience,
constancy, willingness, patience, confidence, bounty, &c.,
not to practise on himself.
Subsect. 3. Physic, which consists of
Dietetical [Symbol:  Aries]
Pharmaceutical [Symbol:  Taurus]
Chirurgical [Symbol:  Gemini]

or Particular to the three distinct species, [Symbol:  Cancer] [Symbol: 
Leo] [Symbol:  Virgo]

[Symbol:  Aries] Sect. 2. Dietetical, which consists in reforming those six non-natural things, as in

Diet rectified 1.  Memb.

Matter and quality 1 Subs.
Such meats as are easy of digestion, well-dressed, hot, sod, &c.,
young, moist, of good nourishment, &c. 
Bread of pure wheat, well-baked. 
Water clear from the fountain. 
Wine and drink not too strong, &c. 
Mountain birds, partridge, pheasant, quails, &c.  Hen, capon,
mutton, veal, kid, rabbit, &c. 
That live in gravelly waters, as pike, perch, trout,
sea-fish, solid, white, &c. 
Borage, bugloss, balm, succory, endive, violets, in broth,
not raw, &c. 
Fruits and roots. 
Raisins of the sun, apples corrected for wind, oranges, &c.,
parsnips, potatoes, &c.

or Subs. 2. Quantity. 
At seasonable and unusual times of repast, in good order, not
before the first be concocted, sparing, not overmuch of one

Memb. 2. Rectification of retention and evacuation, as costiveness,
venery, bleeding at nose, months stopped, baths, &c.

Memb. 3. Air rectified, with a digression of the air
Naturally in the choice and site of our country, dwelling-place, to
be hot and moist, light, wholesome, pleasant &c. 
Artificially, by often change of air, avoiding winds, fogs, tempests,
opening windows, perfumes, &c.

  Memb. 4. Exercise
      Of body and mind, but moderate, as hawking, hunting, riding,
        shooting, bowling, fishing, fowling, walking in fair fields,
        galleries, tennis, bar. 
      Of mind, as chess, cards, tables &c., to see plays, masks, &c.,
        serious studies, business, all honest recreations.

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