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                    The Duomo consecrated
1439 Council of Florence
                    Gemisthos Plethon in Florence
1440 Cosimo occupied the Medici Palace 1449 Lorenzo de’ Medici (the Magnificent
1452 Ghiberti’s second gates set up
                    Savonarola born
1454 Politian born 1463 Pico della Mirandola born 1464 Cosimo de’ Medici died and was
                    succeeded by Piero
1466 Luca Pitti’s Conspiracy 1469 Lorenzo’s Tournament, Feb. 
                    Lorenzo’s Marriage to Clarice
                    Orsini, June
                    Death of Piero, Dec. 
                    Niccolo Machiavelli born
1471 Piero de’ Medici, son of Lorenzo, born
                    Visit of Galeazzo Sforza
                    to Florence
                    Cennini’s Press established
                    in Florence
1474 Ariosto born 1475 Giuliano’s Tournament 1478 Pazzi Conspiracy
                    Giuliano murdered
1479 Lorenzo’s Mission to Naples 1492 Lorenzo the Magnificent died
                    Piero succeeded
1494 Charles VIII invaded Italy
                    Piero banished
                    Charles VIII in Florence.  Sack of
                    Medici Palace
                    Florence governed by General Council
                    Savonarola in power
                    Politian died
                    Pico della Mirandola died
1497 Francesco Valori elected Gonfaloniere
                    Piero attempted to return to Florence
1498 Savonarola burnt 1499 Marsilio Ficino died
                    Amerigo Vespucci reached America
1503 Death of Piero di Medici 1512 Cardinal Giovanni and Giuliano, Duke of
                    Nemours, reinstated in Florence
                    Great Council abolished
1519 Cardinal Giulio de’ Medici in power
                    Catherine de’ Medici born
1524 Ippolito and Alessandro de’ Medici in power 1526 Death of Giovanni delle Bande Nere 1527 Ippolito and Alessandro left Florence 1528 Machiavelli died 1529-30 Siege of Florence 1530 Capitulation of Florence 1531 Alessandro de’ Medici declared Head of Republic 1537 Cosimo de’ Medici made Ruler of Florence
                    Battle of Montemurlo
                    Lorenzino assassinated
                    in Venice
1539 Cosimo married Eleanor di Toledo and moved
                    to Palazzo Vecchio
1553 Cosimo occupied the Pitti Palace 1564 Galileo Galilei born

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